Baseball Betting

Baseball betting has become a huge part of most US based bettors daily life. Basically, the only real level to bet on baseball at is at the Major League Baseball level. The MLB (Major League Baseball) season typically runs from April all the way through October. With 30+ teams each playing 162 games, there is a ton of opportunity for action. Like other sports, baseball has an All-Star Game and post-season baseball games that one can bet on as well. The championship of baseball is called the World Series. The MLB World Series is probably the largest betting event in the game of baseball.  Continue reading for an in depth look at baseball betting where you'll learn how to bet on baseball which will in turn, help build your sports betting bankroll.

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Baseball Betting Types and Odds

Baseball is slightly different than some of the other American sports in that no spread is set on the games. Almost all other United States based sports have a spread set, but not baseball. Baseball offers three kinds of bets, which includes betting on the Moneyline, betting on the RunLine, and betting on the total. Take a look at our baseball betting examples below to get a better idea of what each of these bet types means.

Baseball Moneyline Betting – This is far and away the biggest form of baseball betting around. We have discussed MoneyLines before and basically you are betting on your team to win the baseball game, straight up. Moneyline odds will be set on each and every baseball game in the form of: Philadelphia Phillies –190 vs. Atlanta Braves +170.

It’s very simple to remember. When you bet on a baseball team on the Moneyline you are betting that this team will win the game, period.

Baseball RunLine Betting – Betting on the RunLine in baseball is the closest thing there is to a spread. But in the case of a RunLine, it is always set at –1.5 or +1.5 with different payouts set depending on the teams playing. So let’s look at a baseball RunLine example. Let’s say the Philadelphia Phillies are decent sized favorites at home against the Atlanta Braves. The odds makers will set a RunLine that looks something like this: Phillies –1.5 –120 / Braves +1.5 +100.

You could bet on the Phillies with the RunLine and would have to wager $120 in order to win $100. But not only would the Phillies have to win the game for you to win the bet, they would have to win the game by 2 total runs. On the flip side, if you took the Braves +1.5, a Braves win or a Braves loss by 1 run would result in a winning bet.

Baseball Totals Betting – Totals betting in baseball is also referred to as betting on the Over/Under. This type of betting is probably a little more common in basketball and football but it is offered for baseball games as well. For every baseball game a “total” is defined. You then have the opportunity to bet whether the two teams will score more runs than that total, or less runs than that total.

Baseball Major Events

There are just a couple major events you need to get on your calendar if you are into baseball betting.

MLB All Star Game – The Major League Baseball All-Star game is a time when the National League’s best players meet up against the American League’s best players for one game. This game is typically surrounded by a weekend of activities. Some of these activities are actually fun to bet on. Betting on the baseball homerun derby is probably the most exciting. Pick a power hitter and watch him knock homeruns out of the park. Odds are also set on many different props during the All Star Game.

MLB World Series – The Major League Baseball World Series is a very large betting event in the United States. Future bets taken months and months in advance regarding who is going to win the World Series. There are also bets available for every game of the best of 7-game World Series. The World Series is typically played in October so be prepared to do some heavy-duty baseball betting this fall.

Baseball Betting Strategy and Tips

Betting on baseball is not easy. In fact, most will agree it is one of the hardest sports to bet on due to the many factors that go into what team wins a baseball game. Here are just a few keys to think about as you start your way into betting on baseball.

Weather: The weather for that game plays a huge part on who is going to win the game and what the score is going to be. A rainy day could be a good day for the under to hit? Or if the wind is howling out I’m going to bet on the over.

Home field Advantage: Home field advantage is pretty big in baseball, but not nearly as big as other sports. The fans in most baseball stadiums don’t have much of an effect on the game until the playoffs or in big rivalry games. But try to understand which team is at home and maybe take a look at some of the baseball betting trends about that team at home.

Know the Pitchers: Knowing who is pitching is the single most important item you should worry about before making your baseball bet. The lines are highly determined based on who is pitching for the two baseball teams that day. Research how those pitchers fare against their opponents and how they have performed in the past with similar situations.

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