Boxing Betting

Boxing is a very simple and rewarding sport to bet on... Boxing has long been a favorite sport for many around the world. In professional boxing, boxers are made up of three classes. These classes are lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. Each of these boxing groups has a championship belt that is coveted by all boxers in that class. Betting on boxing is a lot of fun and typically gets people very excited to watch a scheduled fight. We are going to spend some time discussing the art of boxing betting and hopefully teach you a thing or two about the subject.

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Boxing Betting Types and Odds

There are three common types of boxing bets we would like to touch on. These include boxing Moneyline bet, boxing Total bet and betting the knockout in boxing.

Boxing Moneyline Bet – The Moneyline bet in boxing is nearly identical to a standard Moneyline you would see in other sports. The one glaring difference is most of the time there is a line set on the Draw as well. For instance, the lines for an old fight might look something like this. Mike Tyson –190, Evander Holyfield +230, Draw +1000. So when making a Moneyline bet you are betting on that person to win the fight. A Draw (nobody declared the winner) does not happen very often so more times than not the odds on this will be very high.

Boxing Total Bet – The total bet on a boxing match usually refers to one of two things. A) The total number of rounds the fight will go. B) How many points will be scored in the fight. With a total bet (Over / Under) a line will be set. Bettors can now wager on the “over” or the “under” relative to that line. For instance, assume in our example the over / under for number of rounds in a fight was set at 7.5. If you bet on the over, the fight would have to last 8 rounds or more for you to win your bet. If you took the under, the fight would have to be complete in 7 or less rounds for you to win. Pretty simple concept but not always the easiest thing to bet on and win consistently.

Boxing Knockout Bet – Sometimes you look at a fight and just know that one boxer should pound the other boxer. A knockout is what you feel is likely to happen. Well, you are in luck because at some sportsbooks you can bet on that knockout happening. The odds for this would typically look like this:

Boxer 1 by KO –170
Boxer 2 by KO +210

Do remember that this bet only wins if your boxer wins by KO. If they just win the fight in general that does not win your boxing knockout bet.  All three of these types of bets can be found at most online sportsbooks that include boxing as a sport.

Boxing Major Events

While there might not be any major boxing events that happen year in and year out, there are still several key events that happen on a year-by-year basis, some of which we've provided an overview of below:

Championship Title boxing fights – All three classes, lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight have a championship belt and championship fights throughout the year. This is the closest thing boxing has to a “major event”. When someone is fighting for a chance at the title, people tend to watch.

Olympic Boxing – The Olympics now carries boxing as one of the Olympic sports. You can bet on these boxing fights just as you would any other fight. Anything included in the Olympics should be considered a major event as most times entire nations are watching these fights.

Big name boxing fights – On occasion there are boxing fights that feature “big name” boxers. These may not even be championship fights but they have guys that are big in the media. Many people love to watch and bet on these types of fights because there is so much talk and hype surround the fight.

As you see above, boxing doesn’t have a “World Series” or a “Superbowl”. They have championship fights at each level of boxing that happen throughout the year. These boxing matches are what we consider major events in this sport.

Boxing Betting Strategy and Tips

When betting on boxing you should make sure you do your research before throwing down your bet. The one thing that makes this simpler to research is the fact that you are studying two boxers and not an entire team of players. This helps you focus more on the task at hand and learn all about the two boxing opponents. Below are a few tips and things to look for when you start preparing to bet on boxing:

Boxing style – Knowing how each boxer fights is a key to determining who will win the fight or how long the fight will last.

Previous fights – Have these two boxers fought before? What were the results?

Injuries – This is a pretty obvious one but be sure to know all injury updates before placing your boxing bet.

Similar opponents – It’s good to cross-reference how the boxers did against similar opponents. You may be able to get a feel for how the two fighters stack up against each other.

Compare Odds – Boxing odds can differ greatly from Sportsbook to Sportsbook. Because of this it would be of great value for you to compare the odds before placing your bet.

Overall, with a little research and background knowledge on how boxing betting works, you can start winning boxing bets.

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