Cricket Betting

Cricket is a popular team sport. Played mostly internationally, more then 100 of the world’s countries are members of the International Cricket Council (ICC). Individuals who enjoy betting on Cricket, or who are considering it, will find that this guide offers a good review of the basics. Included is information regarding betting types, odds, the game’s major events and wagering strategies and tips.  Cricket betting is a good choice for individuals that prefer sports, which offer a plethora of wagering options. Individuals are able to bet on much more then simple wins and losses.

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They can wager on the best batsman, the top bowler, the series winner and much more.  Individuals who are Cricket fans and who follow the sport will likely experience much more success then someone who knows nothing or little about it. Those individuals willing to spend an adequate amount of time learning about the players and teams give themselves a better shot at successfully betting successfully on Cricket since it involves a thorough knowledge of teams and players abilities.

Cricket Betting Types and Odds

One of the great things about Cricket betting is that there are so many options. Unlike some sporting events that only allow individuals to bet on wins and losers, Crickets offers so many more alternatives. Not only is it possible to bet on wins and losses, but individuals can also wager on the match and series scores as well as the top bowler and batsman. Below, we will take a look at many of the most common cricket betting types. It is important to remember that new betting options are being made available all of the time.

Moneyline: This is a wager on the outcome of a match. Often times, this bet (as are most bets) is presented in such a way that it encourages individuals to bet on both teams, even when one is clearly the underdog. Sportsbooks are able to accomplish this by offering much better terms to those who bet on the team expected to lose. For example, Team A and Team B are playing. Team A is far superior to team A. An available Moneyline bet may look like this, Team A -500 and Team B +300. This means that individuals wishing to win $1.00 betting on Team A would need to spend $5.00. Individuals that wager on Team B will win $3.00 for every $1.00 they spend. A draw may also occur alongside a Moneyline bet. Individuals have the option of wagering on a draw instead of on the winning team.

Series Scores: When Cricket teams play in a series (more then one game), it is possible to bet on the outcome. Specifically, individuals wager on which team will win the series.

Match Scores: This is a bet on the amount of runs a team will score in a match.

Top Bowler: This wager is one in which a bettor bets on the individual who will take the most number of wickets.

Individual Bowlers Series Wickets: This is a wager on the number of wickets a particular bowler will take during a series.

Top Batsman: Individuals who take this bet are betting on the top batsman overall in a series or on a team.

Odd Or Even Run Scores: This is a simple bet. Individuals wager on if the score will be odd or even.

Cricket Major Events

ICC Cricket World Cup: The Cricket Worldcup is the premiere event in the sport. It occurs every four years. It utilizes a 50 overs per side format.

ICC Champions Trophy: This event takes place every two years. It also utilizes a 50 overs per side format.

ICC World Twenty20: This two-week event is the championship of Twenty20 Cricket.

ICC Women's World Cup: This is the female version of the World Cup. The last winner was England in 2009. The next World Cup event is scheduled for 2013 in India.

Cricket Betting Strategy and Tips

In order to improve ones chances of betting successfully, it is extremely important to research the sport. Watching Cricket games on television or online and reading articles written about upcoming matches is a great way to educate oneself on who the best teams and players are. This information will come in handy when it is time to wager.  The odds provided by the Sportsbook will also help bettors get a sense of what players are best at their position and which are the strongest teams. However, it is always best to have a personal body of knowledge. When a bettor is informed, they are likely to make more successful wagers.

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