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Although, cricket isn’t very popular in North America, it’s one of the hottest sports in many other areas of the glove including Europe, Asia, the Indian sub-continent and the Caribbean. There are various leagues around the world including the Indian Premier League and different types and lengths of cricket matches such as international test matches, one-day international (ODI) matches and Twenty/ (T20) versions.

Types of International Cricket

Test Cricket: The oldest style of cricket which is played over 5 days and they can end in a draw.

One Day Cricket: These matches are completed in a day with each side having 50 overs to bat and bowl/field.

T20 Cricket: These matches are played in one evening or afternoon with 20 to bat and bowl/field for each team.

Bet on Cricket

Test Cricket Betting

Test matches consist of three sessions per day morning, afternoon and evening with 90 overs scheduled for each of the five days. Due to the length of the contests the condition of the pitch and the weather could affect the play.

One of the most-popular test match series is The Ashes, between England and Australia it’s a five-match series which is played every two years. Other popular test match series include the Basil D’Oliveira Trophy (South Africa vs England) and the Border-Gavasker Trophy (India vs Australia).

One Day Cricket

In these encounters, the first innings are typically in the late afternoon with the second innings being played in the evening. Each team bats for 50 overs with the side scoring more runs being declared the winner.

One-day series are consist of three to five matches. The big ODI tournaments are played every four years and are the ICC Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy.

T20 Cricket

This is the shortest version of cricket as it can be played in just a few hours. There are numerous T20 leagues and tournaments around the world

Other Types of Cricket

Many nations host First Class and List A events such as the County Championship in the UK and the Sheffield Shield First Class event in Australia with no draws being offered by bookmakers.

Cricket Odds

The moneyline bet means you’re simply wagering on one of the teams to win the match or for it to end in a draw. The American-style odds will show a minus (-) sign in front of the favourite and a plus (+) symbol in front of the underdog.

For example they will look like this:

England -400
Australia +200
Draw +300

The implied probably is that England will win the match and you would need to bet $400 to win $100. To win $100 on Australia you’d need to wager just $50. Or to simplify things, the +200 means you’d win $200 on a $100 bet. Using the same system, you’d win $300 on a $100 wager if you backed a draw and were right.

Of course, you can bet on the outcome of an individual match as well as wager on the winner of a series or tournament.

Prop Bets Cricket

Most sports offer prop bets and cricket is no exception as you can wager on numerous scenarios. In cricket, popular prop bets include: leading run scorer or wicket taker for each inning, match or series; the highest opening batting partnership; the man of the match; player of the series, most sixes and the number of boundaries etc.

Other popular cricket wagers include: the over/under score; final overall score of a series; winning or losing the coin toss; coin toss combination (who will win the toss and will they choose to bowl or bat); odd/even runs scored in a match or series and the most run outs.

Futures Betting

You can also wager now for something to take place in the future in cricket. This means you can bet on individual and team performances and milestones in upcoming games, matches, series, tournament and leagues. For instance, you may want to back Pakistan winning the next Cricket World Cup or a specific batsman or bowler to lead the Indian Premier League in runs scored or wickets taken at the end of the season.

In-Play Betting

Many betting sites will offer live cricket betting which enables you to wager on upcoming plays in the match. One of the most popular options here is the method of dismissal bet.

Betting Tips

If you’re interested in wagering on cricket its a good idea to consider the pitch conditions, coin toss, player and team form, payer injuries, weather conditions and previous history between the teams.

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