Cycling Betting

Cycling is more popular in some countries then others. However, anyone can wager on cycling events because of the availability of online sports betting. Individuals that live in countries where cycling is more popular may have somewhat of an advantage because they are more familiar with the cyclists. However, the Internet helps to neutralize some of that advantage because it is possible to easily research the sport.

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The most popular cycling event to wager on is the Tour de France. Even casual cycling bettors place their wagers on this race, often times because they are at least fairly acquainted with the forerunners. This is of course, is not the only major cycling event. Other notable ones include the Giro díItalia, the Vuelta a Espana.

Cycling Betting Types and Odds

There are a number of available cycling bets. Individuals who only occasionally wager on cycling often stick to simple bets. For example, they way wager on who wins a particular race. This is often ideal for the casual fan because they likely arenít familiar with many of the racers that are competing, especially those that arenít particularly popular or famous.

Cycling odds are listed a number of different formats. They include, Moneyline, fractional odds and decimal format. Often times, the makeup of a particular sportsbookís customers will determine which format is used. For example, Moneyline bets are found a great deal at sportsbooks that cater to American players. European, Australian and Canadian betting sites often display their bets in decimal format.

Fractional odds are common in straight up bets. When a Sportsbook is accepting wagers on who will win a particular race, they often list it as a fractional bet. For example, a Sportsbook may be accepting 4/1 bets on Lance Armstrong. This would mean that for every $1.00 a person wagers on Lance Armstrong, they would be paid $4.00 if he wins.

As stated above, odds may also be listed via the Moneyline format. A Moneyline odds wager listed as +500 would mean that a person wins $5.00 for every $1.00 they bet. The greater the likelihood a particular cyclist will actually win a race, the lower the odds. Long shot competitors receive the best odds because this helps to encourage bets on those racers who arenít expected to win.

Decimal odds require that bettors subtract 1 from the listed odds. For example, if Lance Armstrong were listed as 4.00, this would mean that for every $1.00 a person bet, they would receive $3.00.

It is possible to bet on more then just who will win a race. Some sportsbooks will accept wagers on what country the winner will be from and who will take a particular stage. These types of bets generally require a more in-depth knowledge of the sport then simply betting on which cyclists will take home the big prize.

Cycling Major Events

Below is a list of the major events in the Cycling world that happen each year:

Tour de France: This is the sportís flagship race. An extremely popular, international event, cyclist fans (and non-fans) get pretty excited about this race. Hosted in France, Lance Armstrong, an American, has most recently dominated the event, though not without controversy.

Giro díItalia (Tour of Italy): Included as one of the Grand Tours, this race is also on the UCI World Ranking Calendar. It lasts for three weeks and takes place in Italy, hence the name.

Vuelta a Espana: Also known as the Tour of Spain, this is another three week race. It is also a part of the Grand Tours of Europe and is listed on the UCI World Ranking Calendar.

Cycling Betting Strategy and Tips

When betting on cycling, or any sport for that matter, it is extremely important to shop around for the best odds. Many times, there is a great deal of variance, which can be to the bettorís advantage.

Researching the sport and identifying the top teams and cyclists is always helpful. This sort of knowledge enables individuals to bet more intelligently. Because a personís hard earned money is at stake, it is well worth the effort to know as much as possible about the sport. This is true, even if a person is wagering casually. The Internet is a great place to begin ones research. Often times, a sportís governing body is a good place to start. They will have listings of upcoming competitions and past winners of major events. Sports-based websites are good for this purpose as well.

Be careful about guaranteed or zero-loss systems that purport to teach players to bet on sports without losing any money. Others will promise individuals that they can quickly get by following a particular scheme. Many times, these are simply poorly written books designed to depart desperate bettors from their money.

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