Entertainment Betting

Most people assume that outside of sports, there is nothing worth gambling on. Most people would subsequently, be wrong. Individuals can bet on plenty of activities outside of sports. Entertainment betting is a pretty new phenomenon that has become quite popular. It could be argued, quite convincingly in fact, that just as many people care about who wins the Final Four as do who will be crowned the next American Idol. Sportsbooks are thus, satisfying that market and giving them an opportunity to wager on events important to them.

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Available entertainment bets are varied, with many wagers being made on the outcomes of popular reality television shows. Individuals can vote on who might win a game show such as the aforementioned American Idol or Biggest Loser. Sportsbooks make available bets beyond outright winners. Any additional ones will be relevant to that particular show and thus, will often vary from one television program to the next.

Entertainment Betting Types and Odds

The type of bets offered will depend on the event or television program in question. American Idol may offer outright winner and over/under bets. The former would allow bettors the opportunity to wager on who they think will win the competition. Individuals may also be able to bet on whether or not the voting count will over or under a certain figure. These are only examples of course. Each individual sportsbook will create their own bets related to different entertainment activities.

Not every entertainment wager will revolve around a television show. Some are bets on actual events such as award programs or whether or not a celebrity will give their baby a particular name. These may be straight over/under and spread bets, amongst others. Following is a brief explanation of some of these types of bets.

Straight Bet: This is a wager that a particular outcome will occur, for example, who will win an Oscar or the Biggest Loser. It might be listed in the following manner. Clay Aiken +500

Over/Under Bet: This is a bet that a particular outcome will be “over or under” the figure listed by the sportsbook. As it relates to entertainment, it might look like the following. A sportsbook may allow individuals to bet on whether or not Britney Spear’s ex-husband Kevin Federline (K-Fed) will beat Shar Jackson in Celebrity Fitness Club by more then (over) 10 pounds or less then (under) that amount.

Spread Bet: This type of bet might be appropriate for a television show such as American Idol. A sportsbook may list the spread or difference between votes of the eventual winner or loser and allow individuals to vote on whether or not the winner will win by at least that number of votes. For example, a bettor may be able to wager that the spread between the first and second place winners on American Idol will be 1,000,000.

In summary, entertainment betting types and odds will differ based on the particular wager. Because there are so many potential bets, bettors need to be ready for every variation of betting types and odds.

Enterainment Major Events

Sportsbooks can offer wagers on any entertainment event or television show that they please. Chances are, if the public is interested in it, sportsbooks will offer a wager on it. Below, are a few major entertainment events that typically have betting available.

Reality Television Show Winners: This is one of the most popular entertainment bets. With the recent explosion of reality television shows, there is seemingly almost always something to bet on in this area. Sportsbooks may take wagers for outright winners as well as point or vote spreads.

Award Ceremony Winners: Award ceremonies are another popular type of entertainment bet. The public tends to enjoy these shows. Those that do not, but who like to gamble, understand the potential for profit. Many times, there are seemingly clear-cut winners that make for an enticing bet. Because the chance always exists for an upset, some individuals will make off with a lot of cash by betting on an underdog who manages to upset the favorite.

Celebrity Occurrences: These are largely bets on random events. For example, there may be a bet on whether or not Angela Jolie and Brad Pitt will break up in the next 6 months or adopt their next child from Haiti.

Baby Names: Nothing gets the entertainment industry and their adoring public stirred up like a celebrity pregnancy. Some sportsbooks, looking to take advantage of the buzz and excitement, will offer bets on what the baby’s name will or won’t be.

Entertainment Betting Strategy and Tips

Before making an entertainment bet, it is appropriate for a person to do their research. With so many tabloid publications, both online and offline, it is pretty easy for individuals to gather enough information to make an informed bet. Celebrity blogs are also good for research purposes. Check out a few, so that you can confirm your facts and make the best bet possible.

Entertainment betting can be a lot of fun and a decent way make a few extra bucks. It might not be an ideal way to support oneself financially, but winning a few hundred bucks every now and then betting on the wacky world of Hollywood, can be quite nice.

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