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Football, or also known as soccer in some parts of the world, is the most popular sport on the globe. The only exception is in the United States where a football of another type, is predominate. Because football is played in so many different countries and there are so many professional teams and major tournaments, it is possible to bet on a ton of matches.

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Sportsbooks give a lot of attention to football betting. There is also a ton of competition. Therefore, it is important for individuals that wish to get involved in this type of betting to approach it very seriously. It can be difficult to gain an advantage over the sportsbook. Successful football betting can be tough. Individuals who only want to give a minimal effort will struggle. Alternatively, those who are willing to put the time, effort and research into their bets can experience some success. It will require some work and it’s not easy.

Football Betting Types and Odds

Sportsbooks offer bettors various types of bets. They include, amongst others, straight up bets, spread bets, match totals and prop bets. We will discuss each of these below.

Straight Up Bets: This is a wager on which team will win a particular match. Bettors can also wager on the match ending in a tie. Most sportsbooks utilize a Moneyline to figure each team’s odds. A straight up bet offered at some of the top sportsbook might look like the following:

• Arsenal –300
• Tie +300
• Man U +500

Arsenal is the favorite and therefore, is given the lowest odds. Bettors would have to bet $3.00 for every $1.00 that they won. If they tied, the bettor would receive $3 for every $1 that they wagered. If Man U wins, the sportsbook would pay out $5 for every $1 bet. The payouts are so much higher for the latter two bets, because it is unlikely that they will occur. These types of bets are offered to encourage bettors to wager both ways. Otherwise, most people would simply bet on the favorite.

Spread Bets: This bet is on a matches’ spread. Not only does the bettor bet on who will win but what the differences between the scores will be. For example, an individual might bet on Man U to beat Arsenal by a spread of 1.5. This means that in order for him or her to win their wager, Man U would need to win by at least two points. If an individual bets on the team not expected to win, that team could lose the match by 1 point and the bettor would still win the wager.

Score Totals: This is an over/under bet. Individuals wager on how many points both team will score, total. The sportsbook will list a figure and a bettor bets on whether the score will be over or under that amount.

Prop Betting: These include all other bets a sportsbook may offer. They will vary based on the sportsbook.

Football & Soccer Major Events

World Cup: The FIFA World Cup is one of the most watched and anticipated football events in the world. Billions of people watch worldwide as clubs fight it out to be crowned the best team in the world.

Olympics: The Olympics are another great place to watch the word’s top teams compete against each other.

League Cup: Only 92 of the world’s top teams get to participate. The winner qualifies for the Europe-wide UEFA Cup.

UEFA Europa League Final: This is a well-known and popular European club competition, though it is considered second in importance to the Champion’s League.

UEFA Champions League: The top football clubs in Europe battle it out for dominance.

Football Betting Strategy and Tips

Football betting is extremely competitive. There are many dedicated bettors who spend a lot of time following the sport. These individuals tend to be very knowledgeable about teams and players. Those who want to become successful football bettors must do likewise and dedicate themselves to lots of study. The Internet makes it pretty easy to gather the information a person needs to be an intelligent bettor.

If a person is really a football fan, fact-finding and info gathering is much easier. However, those who don’t particularly like game but still appreciate the potential to make money will have to find a way to get motivated enough to do the research necessary to make themselves an adequate bettor. Otherwise, they will likely be throwing money down the drain.

Football is the most popular sport on the globe. Because of this, the opportunity to wager on it is great. Sportsbooks offer lots of football bets. It is thus, easy to make a wager, though not necessarily to win one. Football betting is difficult and competitive. Bettors interested in being successful must be committed to researching happenings in the sport, including which teams and players are amongst the best. While it is possible to wager anytime during the football season, people tend to get especially exciting about betting during the FIFA World Cup, the Olympics, the League Cup, UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League Final.

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