Formula 1 Betting

Formula 1 (FIA Formula One World Championship) is a popular car racing franchise. They are amongst the most respected in their sport and represent the highest level of racing. Sanctioned by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile), Formula 1 races are perhaps the most popular in the world, with 600 million fans per season turning in. F1 cars are also amongst the fastest in the sport, reaching speeds of 360 km/h. Thirteen teams and 25 racers are currently competing.

Formula 1 hosts a series of races in countries around the world. These races are referred to as Grand Prix races. Those familiar with NASCAR will find the F1 races are much different. Instead of drivers racing on racetracks, they compete on city streets and courses built especially for the race. Streets are closed off from the public for many races.

During the Formula 1 season (March to October), there are an adequate amount races to wager on, including two World Championships. It is possible to bet on who will win a particular race, who will qualify and which constructor will accumulate the most points, amongst other possible wagers.

Formula 1 Betting Types and Odds

There are several types of common F1 bets. Individuals may wager on who will qualify for a particular race, who will win a race outright, or on the championship races (driver or constructor). Below, we will take closer look at each of these options, in addition to a few more.

Qualifying Bets: Drivers have to qualify for their starting position in the race. This occurs the day before the race and provides individuals with an opportunity to wager. It is possible to bet on qualifying times and pole position.

Individual Winner Wagers: This is a bet on who will win a race. It is possible to bet both ways. The latter is a lower paying bet. Individuals who bet in this manner are eligible for 1/5th of the winning odds if the driver places in the top.

Another bet of this type is the Top Scoring Constructor. This wager is on which constructor will accumulate the most points at a particular race. The Top Score Constructor bet is a pretty common one.

Championship Bets: There are several bets of this type that can be made. A person can wager on who will win the World Drivers Championship. It is also possible for individuals to bet each way. However, if a person who does the latter, their payouts will be less. Many times, this amount is for 1/3 of the win odds. A person will win that amount if their driver comes in first or second place. It is also possible to bet on the Constructors championship (Formula 1 World Constructors Championship). However, individuals can only bet one way.

Podium Finish: This wager is on a particular driver finishing in the top 3.

Points Finish: This is a wager that a driver will finish in the top 8.

Fastest Lap Time: This is a bet on the driver who has the fastest lap of the day.

Safety Car: This bet is on whether or not the Safety car will be needed.

Number of Finishers: This is a wager on how many cars will complete a race.

Winning Distance: This allows individuals to bet on how far ahead the winner will finish. It is measured in seconds.

Formula 1 Major Events

Grand Prix Races: These are series of races hosted in Formula 1 countries. Each of these events takes place on public streets and on circuits built especially for this purpose. A racing course is marked off and the streets closed off from the public. How well a team performs at these races will determine their opportunity to win a World Championship.

World Drivers Championships: This championship determines the best driver for the season. Their Grand Prix finishes will determine if they have an opportunity to become a world champion.

World Constructors Championships: This race determines who the World Constructors champion will be. During every Grand Prix race, constructors are awarded points. These accumulate, potentially giving them the opportunity to race for a championship.

Formula 1 Betting Strategy and Tips

Becoming as familiar as possible with the drivers and constructors is a good way to improve ones odds. The more that a person knows about who or what they are betting on, the easier it is to make good, educated bets. There is always plenty of information about F1 drivers and races. It is one of the more popular sports in the world. As a result, there are plenty of websites dedicated to it. Many have really good information, some dedicated exclusively to bettors.

Factors that individuals should consider before placing their bets include how much fuel a car is carrying, winning streaks, qualification form, weather conditions and any known or reported problems. These things should influence what type of bet a player makes and on what driver (or constructor) they wager on.

Formula 1 is an exciting racing series. Individuals who enjoy betting on F1 races will be able to do so between the months of March and October. It is important for those who gamble on this sport to do their research before each race. Things can change quickly. It is more difficult to choose a winner in F1 racing then it is in other sports because the results tend to be more inconsistent.

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