Golf Betting

The game of golf has been around for many years. Only recently has golf become a fairly popular sport to watch and bet on. Since Tiger Woods emerged as the face of golf, bettors from all over the world have started to enjoy some good old golf betting. The largest golf tour is called the PGA (Professional Golf Association). The PGA has many tournaments every year that have odds available for you to bet on. We’ll discuss a little bit about how to bet on golf and give a few of our favorite golf events to bet on.

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Golf Betting Types and Odds

Golf odds and golf betting are a little different than some sports. Due to the nature of golf tournaments taking 4 days to complete, there really isn’t a lot of fast paced betting action to be had. Typically, there are just a couple types of bets you can make before and during a golf tournament.

Bet on a golfer to win the tournament – the most common form of golf betting happens before the tournament begins. Odds are placed on every golfer (or nearly every) in the field. At this point you can choose which golfer you think will win the tournament. For example, if Phil Mickelson was 15/1 to win the tournament, you could wager $10 and if he won the tournament you would win $150.

Bet on two golfers heads up – for the most part, a golf tournament doesn’t feature any “head to head” matchups. It’s every golfer for themselves and the lowest score wins. A lot of times, Sportsbooks will set lines between some of the top golfers and allow you to bet on them. This acts similar to a spread or Moneyline bet in other sports. Assume that Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods were both in the tournament. There may be a line out there that says, “Phil Mickelson +150 vs. Tiger Woods –170 for the tournament”. You would then be wagering on which of these golfers performed better. Most times Sportsbooks will open up these types of bets on a round by round basis as well. So a bet like the one above could be just for round 2.

These are really the only two forms of golf betting that are popular. There are typically no over/under bets or prop bets in the game of golf.

Golf Major Events

Golf is full of major events. All in all there are four events every year that are classified as “Majors”. There are also some other large events that get a lot of exposure and are great for betting purposes.

The Masters – This tournament is the first of four “major” tournaments on the PGA schedule each and every year. The Masters is schedule for the first week of April and is held at Augusta National Golf Club each and every year. The thing most people remember about the Masters is that the winner of the tournament is awarded a “green jacket”.

U.S. Open – The U.S. Open is the 2nd “major” golf tournament of the year in the United States. This golf tournament is played in mid June and gives you some fun summer golf betting opportunities.

PGA Championship – The PGA Championship is another one of the major golf tournaments that happens each year. This tournament is located at different courses each and every year. This tournament is played mid to late August.

Golf Betting Strategy and Tips

When it comes down to it, betting on golf can be downright challenging. On any given day, any golfer could have the round of his or her life and win a tournament. There are so many factors that go into golf betting. Below are just a few of the strategy and tips you should follow when betting on the game of golf.

Beware to Tiger: Everyone in the world knows that Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the planet. Never underestimate what Tiger can do when he is in a golf tournament. Many feel like betting on other golfers is a good play because their odds are so good. Trust me when I say, that any bet against Tiger is most likely a losing golf bet. Try to pick the tournaments that Tiger Woods is not playing in and bet on those.

Know how the field has performed in the past: Some golfers have better track records at different golf courses. Do some research and find out which of the golfers plays this course better. If they haven’t played the course, find similar condition courses and see how the golfers fared.

Find out the weather (especially the wind): Some golfers can hit the ball a mile while others play a shorter game. If that wind is howling or if it’s rainy golf conditions, this could play a huge part in which golfer to bet on. Likewise, if the greens are wet or playing fast, you might find other golfers that are better bets. Just keep all of this in mind before doing any of your golf betting.

Golf is a great sport to play, watch and bet on. Use some of these tips and begin betting on golf during the next tournament.

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