Greyhound Betting

Greyhound betting involves wagering on dog races. In some countries, this is considered a sport and there are formal betting structures and a governing body. In other parts of the world, people race greyhounds, but it is not recognized as a sport. There may however, be a strong amateur racing presence in some of these countries.

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When people bet on greyhound racing, they are attempting to beat the sportsbook and make a profit. In countries where structured betting is available, individuals make bets through either a sportsbook or sportsbook. These are available online or at the track where the race is being held. There are several advantages of betting online. It allows individuals to bet on races being held around the world. When a person wagers on a race at the track where it is being held, they are only allowed to bet on that particular race. There are many types of greyhound race wagers.

This is one of the advantages of betting on this sport. We will list and discuss them more in-depth below. Please note, not every sportsbooks will offer every one of the bets listed. Some will offer different ones. Others will offer more options then the ones we have listed, some less.

Greyhound Betting Types and Odds

Greyhound betting will differ based on what country the race is being held. For example, in the United States, individuals make bets against each other. Wagers of a certain type are pooled. Odds are developed based on the pool and the number of bets made. In England, betting odds are fixed. For example, a 5/1 bet would pay out five times the amount of a bet. A person that makes a £10 wager would win £50 if their greyhound won.

Straight Bet: This a very easy bet. It is also a popular one. Individuals bet on the dog they believe will win the race. A sportsbook will list odds for each dog. Individuals win monies bases on those odds if “their” dog wins first place.

Place: This is a wager on a particular dog finishing in the top two.

Show: This is a wager that a dog finishes in the top three.

Across the Board: This is a bet on a single dog in three areas, place, win and show. If the dog wagered on, wins the race, the bettor collects on each three wagers. If it comes in second place, they only collect on the show and place bets. If a bettor’s dog comes in third place, they win the show bet.

Pick 6: This bet is on which dogs will win six consecutive races.

Pick 3: This is bet on which dogs will win three consecutive races.

Straight Forecast: This is a bet accepted in the United Kingdom. A bettor wagers on two dogs to cross the finish line in a particular order.

Treble Forecast: This is another UK wager. It is a bet that three specified dogs will finish in a particular order.

Combination Bet: This wager is on two to four dogs. The bettor is wagering that they will cross the finish line is a particular order.

Reverse Forecast: This wager involves betting on two dogs to finish first or second. It doesn’t matter which finishes in what place.

Superfecta: This bet is a wager that four greyhounds will finish in a specified order.

Jackpot: Individuals making this bet will bet on six winners. If all of their picks win, they get a portion of the Jackpot.

Greyhound 1 Major Events

Many countries which deem greyhound racing a sport, and that have an official governing body have pretty loose racing structures. Races are often not interconnected and the results at one track will have no bearing on another. There is no “Superbowl” or legitimate world championship. However, there are major events in each these countries. Some of the most well known include the Greyhound Night of Stars (USA), English Derby (UK), Irish Derby (Ire) and International Top Gun (Australia).

Greyhound Night of Stars (USA): This event showcases some of the fastest greyhounds in America. A portion of the proceeds go to Greyhounds As Pets of America. This organization encourages greyhound adoptions.

English Derby (UK): This is a huge event in England. It has been an English fixture for the past 80 years, beginning in 1927. It is the country’s most prestigious greyhound race.

Irish Derby (Ire): This is popular racing event, showcasing some of the fastest greyhounds in Ireland.

Greyhound Betting Strategy and Tips

To give oneself the best shot at successful greyhound betting, it is best to bet in moderation. It is not necessary to wager on every single bet. Instead, individuals should bet in moderation. Bettors should only wager on races that offer good odds, and when possible, includes greyhounds that they know something about. For individuals just starting out, it is best to leave complicated bets alone. For example, a Superfecta bet may not be a good choice for someone who knows nothing about greyhound racing. However, a Reverse Forecast or a Straight Bet may be a good option.

Betting on greyhounds can be a lot of fun and very exciting. However, it is extremely important to bet in moderation and never more then a person can afford. For individuals planning on betting online and internationally, it is extremely important to learn the lingo, to avoid confusion and mix-ups.

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