MMA Betting

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is an exciting, competitive and violent sport. It’s a bit more “raw” then boxing. It combines a number of fighting styles with players allowed to kick, tackle and wrestle. Recently, the sport has become extremely popular with the number of bettors wagering on it, skyrocketing. Many of the major sportsbooks offer MMA bets.

When considering sportsbooks, it is important to look to place bets at some of the most reputable sportsbooks. This will decrease the likelihood of getting jipped and not being paid what a person is owed. The more established sportsbooks tend to make accurate, payouts on time. The lesser known ones may not be as trustworthy and it can be difficult to receive a refund if something goes wrong.

MMA Betting Types and Odds

The primary type of MMA wager is a Moneyline bet. This is a straight up bet. Bettors bet on which fighter will win a match. Odds tend to change and likely won’t be set in stone until right before the fight. Bettors interested in betting on the underdog are encouraged to wait until the last minute. The odds tend to be better when they do.

Moneyline Bets: Most MMA wagers are Moneyline bets. The odds may be written as such, Diego Sanchez (-350) vs. Daniel Hendersen (+200) Diego Sanchez would be the favorite. For every $3.50 a person wagers, they will win $1.00. If a person bet on Daniel Hendersen, they would have to spend $1.00 to win $2.00.

Over / Under Bets: MMA does offer total bets in addition to Moneyline bets. Typically these over / unders bets are based on the number of rounds a match will go.

Prop Bets: A prop bet in MMA would be something like, “Will fighter A beat Fighter B by Knockout?” The odds would be something like, “Yes = -110 and No = -110”. There are sometimes a large number of these types of prop bets for any given MMA fight.

MMA Major Events

Two of the most important franchises in the sport are Strikeforce and UFC. Anytime either of them puts on an event, it is huge and generates a ton of buzz amongst mixed martial arts fans.

Strikeforce Title Fights: Strikforce has been involved in mixed martial arts since 2006. Fights are shown in Canada (Super Channel) and the United States (Showtime, NBC and CBS). Championship fights are major events and a popular choice for bettors.

UFC Title Fights: UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the most well known name in mixed martial arts fighting. Founded in 1993, they are the granddaddy of MMA. They hosted their first match in Denver, Colorado. They’re fights are shown in the United States (SPIKE, ESPN and pay-per-view) Canada and Europe. Betting on UFC championship matches is popular amongst MMA bettors.

MMA Betting Strategy and Tips

Successful, MMA betting requires dedication. It is never a good idea to wager on a particular fighter without knowing anything about them. This is potentially a waste of money. Sure, a person may get luck every now and then, but this is no way to wager responsibly, especially if an individual is considering long term betting. Overtime, these types of bettors will lose much more money then they make.

MMA bettors need to spend an adequate amount of time researching fighters. Gathering information on win/loss records and a fighter’s injury status is a good place to start. This will help bettors wager more intelligently, giving them a better chance at winning then if they went into it blindly.

The Internet is a good place to begin learning more fighters. There are tons of independent blogs and websites dedicated to mixed martial arts, with really good information. Bettors should also be sure to check out the official franchise websites of the UFC and Strikeforce. They will often have the most up-to-date and accurate information. Research isn’t a one-time thing, it is imperative that bettors keep abreast of happenings in the sport. That way if someone gets hurt, or suffers a losing streak, they can keep this in mind when wagering.

Mixed martial arts have become extremely popular. Fans tend to appreciate the toughness and brutality of the sport. It is full force combat, with almost anything going. The UFC and Strikeforce have inspired individuals throughout the United States and other countries to take up the sport. Many matches are held in bars, nightclubs and wherever there is room. This can end up being quite dangerous. Professional fighters face a tremendous amount of risk but as professionals, are a bit more equipped to protect themselves, although some of them have been hurt severely even dying.

Hopefully this gives you a nice overview of MMA betting and how it works. Know that the two biggest MMA franchises are UFC and Strkeforce. The latter is the new kid on the block, though they are quickly gaining popularity and prominence. The UFC is the more established franchise and generally considered the leader in the sport.

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