NBA Betting

The NBA, or technically known as the National Basketball Association, is a very popular sports league made up of the best basketball players in the world. Betting on the NBA is becoming quite popular as well during the winter months. Take some time and read through our NBA Betting article to help you learn how to bet on the NBA and pick up on some of the NBA betting tips we've written on this page to help you win more when betting on NBA games.

NBA Betting Types and Odds

NBA betting consists of the pretty standard types of bets. Below is an overview of the three most common forms of NBA bets.

Moneyline NBA Betting – When you bet on the Moneyline you are basically betting on a team to win the game. It doesn’t matter how many points they win the game by, they just need to win.

Spread NBA Betting – In the NBA, betting against the spread is probably the most common form of wagering. A spread is basically the number of points one team is getting or giving. The odds would be set with the favorite “minus points” or the underdog “getting points”.

Totals NBA Betting – Totals are often referred to as Over / Under betting. In the NBA, oddsmakers set a total line of where the expected number of points should fall. This is the total number of points both teams in the game will score combined. These lines include overtime as well. Bettors have the choice of betting whether the final score will go “under” this line or go “over” this line.

Let’s look at an example of some NBA odds for each of these different bet types. Imagine the Denver Nuggets were favorites at home against the Utah Jazz. The lines may look something like this:

Moneyline: Denver Nuggets –160 vs. Utah Jazz +140
Spread: Denver Nuggets –7.5 vs. Utah Jazz +7.5
Totals: Denver Nuggets vs. Utah Jazz Total 208.5

NBA Major Events

There are just a few major events year in and year out in the NBA. These events are a lot of fun to bet on and typically take a lot of action from United States bettors.

NBA All Star Game – About mid way through the NBA season they hold an All-Star game made up of the Eastern Conference All Stars and the Western Conference All Stars. Fans vote for the players that make each of these teams. Betting on the NBA All Star Game has become quite popular over the years. Even more so is the small events that surround the All Star game. Bettors love to place a bet on the NBA Dunk Contest or the NBA 3 point contest, which happen before the All Star game itself.

NBA Championship – The NBA Championship is the final series between the two best teams in the NBA. This is a seven game series and bets can be placed on the series as a whole or each individual game. A lot of American betting action comes in on the NBA Championship series. Most online sportsbooks offer great prop bets and even give out some bonuses during this great NBA event.

NBA Betting Strategy and Tips

Betting on the NBA is not rocket science. We have compiled some strategy and tips to assist you in your NBA betting and hopefully help you make some money on the NBA.

Know the referees – In the NBA, referees can make a big difference on how a game is played. Knowing what referees are doing the game and how they tend to call a game can prove to be some great knowledge when betting on the NBA.

Follow the injuries – You must know if there are any key injuries to either team before you place a bet. Often times you’ll see a line and think it looks off, only to find out that one of the team’s best players is out for that game.

Home court advantage – In the NBA, home court advantage doesn’t seem to mean as much as in College Basketball. But it’s still important. Some teams have a great home record and are a brand new team when not traveling. Use this information to your benefit when making your NBA bet.

Glance at the Trends – NBA betting trends are more of an advanced topic but it’s something you should consider. How many games in a row has this team covered the spread? Is this team coming off back-to-back losses and how do they typically perform in this situation? What is their record ATS (Against the Spread) against this team over the past 4 years? These are all great questions to ask yourself if you want to really feel confident about your pick.

Overall, there is no secret formula to being good at NBA betting. It takes practice, research and some discipline to start making good money betting on the NBA.

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