NFL Betting

The NFL (National Football League) is by far the most popular American sport around. Men and women of all ages watch every Sunday as their favorite teams and players compete. Along with the growing popularity in the game comes a growing love for NFL sports betting. Sportsbooks take tons and tons of bets on NFL games week in and week out. Not to mention the NFL Superbowl, which is the largest bet on sporting event in all the United States. If you haven’t started betting on the NFL yet, start now. Read through this and get a basic understanding for how NFL betting works before you jump right in.

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NFL Betting Types and Odds

There are several forms of NFL betting types available. The main three are discussed and shown below.

Spread: Betting against the spread in the NFL is the most basic and common bet you can find. You can bet on the favorite minus points, or the underdog plus points. For example, assume the Dallas Cowboys are –3.5 vs. the Indianapolis Colts. If you were to bet on the Cowboys they would have to win the game by 4 or more for you to win your bet. If you bet on the Colts +3.5, they would have to win the game or lose by 3 or fewer for you to win your bet.

Moneyline: The NFL Moneyline allows you to bet on which NFL team you think will win the game straight up. Nobody gets or gives points. Odds are set on both teams. For example, in our example above the Cowboys would be something like –160 to bet on straight up while the Colts would be +140 underdogs. All that this means is it would take a $160 wager to win $100 on the Cowboys. And on the Colts you could wager $100 and it would return $140 if the Colts won the game.

Over / Under: NFL Over / Under betting is a lot of fun as well. A line is set on how many points both teams combined will score in a single game. You can now bet on the Over or the Under based on this line. Let’s say the line was set at 39.5 – If you were to bet on the Over the two teams must score 40 or more for your bet to win. If you took the Under the two teams would need to score 39 or less to win.

Other types of NFL bets available for some games are prop bets, future bets, teasers, pleasers and parlays. We will use another post to talk about some of these types of bets at length in the near future.

NFL Major Events

There are only a couple of events that constitute as major events in the NFL:

NFL Superbowl Betting – Despite not having many huge events, no event is larger than the NFL Superbowl. Millions and millions of people watch the Superbowl every single year. It is the largest NFL betting event and the largest sports betting event in all of the United States. You can bet on just about anything and everything related to the Superbowl. Some common Superbowl bets include: Spread, Moneyline, Over/Under, Props on the Coin Toss, Superbowl MVP, Over/Under yardages, and more. If you bet on nothing else all year long, be sure you at least bet on the Superbowl when it comes around next year.

NFL Probowl Betting – The NFL Probowl doesn’t get a lot of coverage and doesn’t get a lot of betting action either. There are lines for this game but it’s nearly impossible to know which team should win. Half of the probowlers don’t play 100% as they are just going through the motions. The Probowl is basically the All Star game of the NFL.

NFL Betting Strategy and Tips

Rest – Being rested is a huge benefit in the NFL. The schedule and games are grueling so the team coming off a “bye week” could have a big advantage due to rest. Know what teams are rested before you jump on a game.

Weather – In the NFL, weather plays a huge role in how the game is played and how many points are scored. Use the weather to help you in your total betting.

NFL Betting Trends – Follow the NFL betting trends and help yourself make the right decision when betting on the NFL. Take a look at the streaks, against the spread history, over / under patterns and more.

Quarterbacks – In the NFL, no single player has more control over a game than the Quarterback. Study the QB’s and learn which ones are worth putting your money on and which ones aren’t.

These are just a handful of tips and things to look out for when betting on the NFL. We are big fans of betting on any NFL Home Underdog. If you take a look at the betting trends you’ll find that it’s a solid bet over time.

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