Rally Betting

Rally betting involves bettors wagering on auto races. The World Rally Championship was formed in 1973. Today, it is made up of 16 events. It is different from most auto racing because it takes place on public highways, in forests, on asphalt, gravel and under all types of weather conditions. It is unarguably a very exciting but also dangerous sport. Racing events last roughly three days, though the majority of that time is not spent racing. Most of it is spent traveling between race stages.

There are typically 16 events a year. However, they are spread out with only eight weeks between seasons. A WRC season begins in January and ends in November. Rally racing is an international sport, with each of its 16 events taking place in a different country. At the end of the season both a World Rally Champion driver and manufacturer will be crowned.

Races are grouped into three categories, asphalt, slow gravel and fast gravel. It takes a specific kind of car and driver to successfully compete in each of these races. As a result, a driver may be a great fast gravel driver but only a mediocre slow gravel racer. Bettors must keep this in mind when betting. It may not wise to bet on a driver simply because they are popular. Bettors will need to consider which race is a particular driver’s specialty and use that information to make their wager.

Fast gravel races are predominate. There are more of these races then any other type. They tend to take place in Mexico, Japan, Sardinia, Australia and New Zealand. Slow gravel races traditionally are held in Greece and Cyprus. Asphalt races take place on public streets and in counties such as Corsica, Germany and Spain.  In the past, most sportsbooks did not offer Rally betting, though people undoubtedly wagered privately. Today, some sportsbooks have begun offering bets on the sport.

Rally Betting Types and Odds

There are two primary types of rally bets. They include outright winners and each way. Bettors can bet on titles and on individual races. Depending on the sportsbook, bettors may be able to wager on match bets, but this is relatively rare.

One recommended option is to bet on the leading contender in a particular racing category (fast gravel, slow gravel or asphalt) at about 6 to 1 and then make an each way bet on a few of the other top racers to make the podium at 15 to 1. This is a way to provide a little insurance. If the win bet doesn’t work out, then the podium bet will cover those losses.

Outright Winner Bet: This is a wager that one particular racer will win the entire event. Bettors can take the favorite in hopes of winning the wager offering the lower odds or they can go with the underdog and win a bigger payout if there is an upset. If they desire the former, it is a good idea to bet on the individual whose racing specialty is that particular race.

Each Way Bet: This sort of wager is a separate two-part bet. It consists of a win bet and place bet. The former is a wager that a particular racer will win and the second is that they will place. They may need to finish on the podium.

Rally Major Events

A World Rally Championship is won based on a driver’s performance over the season, much like Nascar and Formula 1. Below, is a complete list of races for the 2010 season.

• Rally Sweden
• Corona Rally Mexico
• Jordan Rally
• Rally of Turkey
• Rally New Zealand
• Vodafone Rally de Portugal
• Rally Bulgaria
• Neste Oil Rally Finland
• ADAC Rally Deutschland
• Rally Japan
• Rallye de France
• RACC Rally de Espana
• Rally of Great Britain

Rally Betting Strategy and Tips

Successful rally betting requires knowledge of the sport. Understanding the volatility of the sport is important. Traditional auto racing is dangerous, risky and unpredictable in its own right. Rally racing is even more so. Racers compete in conditions that traditional auto racers would not, including snow, ice, gravel and forests tracks. As mentioned above, there are three category or racing (fast gravel, slow gravel and asphalt). Racers that are particularly skilled in one type of race may not be in another. Therefore, it is crucial for bettors to have a firm grasp on which racers are best in a particular form of racing.

Rally betting is a rather recent phenomenon. Though races were held as early as 1973, sportsbooks have only just begun to offer wagers on it, and only some of them. It is an exciting sport and is more Xtreme sports then traditional auto racing. Bettors looking to cash in on the WRC need to spend some time learning the sport and its participants so that they can make good bets. While many sportsbooks will provide odds for participants, it is always best for a person to do their own research. The Internet is a good place to begin researching rally betting.

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