Skiing Betting

Skiing betting is generally done during the winter sports season, between the months of October and March. Bettors are able to wager on both women’s and men’s sports. Common sports include biathlons, cross country, alpine, speed skating, and ski jumping. Most skiing bets are on head-to-head and tournament winners.

Skiing Betting Types and Odds

Most skiing bets are straight up wagers on who will win a particular race. They may be for the following type of skiing events. Please note, this is not an exhaustive listing.

Cross Country: Cross skiing events are held for both men and women. There are races of varying distances. Competitions may include one-on-one races or team relays.

Alpine Skiing: Alpine skiing includes a variety of events, including the Giant Slalom, Slalom, the Super G, high-speed downhill and combination events.

Ski Jumping: Ski jumping is an extremely exciting event. It is often a Winter Olympics, fan favorite. Currently, only men can participate. It is considered too dangerous for women.

Biathlon: Winter biathlon usually consists of cross country skiing and rifle shooting. There are several different types, including individual, mass start, pursuit, sprint and team relays.

Many skiing bets will be presented as follows:

• Ski Jumper 1 –260
• Ski Jumper 2 +150

In this example, Ski Jumper 1 would be the favorite. This is made obvious by the negative number next to his name. This figure explains how much a person will win if they bet on him. A bettor would win $1.00 for every $2.60 they spent wagering on White. Conversely, they would win $1.50 for every $1.00 they spent on Ski Jumper 2.

Skiing Major Events

Alpine Skiing World Cup: This is a major event for skiers. There has been 44 Alpine Skiing World Cup seasons. The following races are held, the downhill, Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G, Combined and Super Combined.

Olympics: The Olympics are an exciting time for skiing bettors as well. The best skiers in the world gather to compete in order to determine who the best is in their particular event. Because the games get so much publicity, interest in betting skyrockets. The Olympics are sometimes a good place for wagering on underdogs. This is because some competitors will not live up to expectations. This may be the result of the stress, the pressure of the games or even injury.

FIS Skiing World Cup: The FIS Skiing World Cup offers skiers a variety of events to compete in, with the winner taking home the World Cup Championship.

Skiing Betting Strategy and Tips

Skiing betting can be profitable if a person does their homework, chooses the right sportsbook and thoroughly compares odds. Smart wagering of any kind partly comes down to a bettor doing their research. It is important to spend an adequate amount of time learning a sport, namely who the best players are. Choosing the right sportsbook is extremely important as well.

Online betting sites that have a good reputation for being fair and paying their bets in a timely manner are the best ones to join. Bettors should also be on the lookout for free bonuses. Many will reward new bettors with bonus money they can use to make bets. These monies can come in handy. Skiing bettors must be sure that they compare odds before placing their wager. Most sites will offer different odds. Some will be better then others. Bettors should look for the best wagers they can get. It could make a big difference in terms of payouts.

Skiing betting isn’t as popular other sports. Not only is the interest lower but also there are typically less events to wager on. Because of this, skiing bettors may find their opportunity to wager rather spotty. However, there are a few really exciting events. Individuals may bet on the Olympics and the World Cup. These are two major events that tend to attract more bettors then normal.

For an individual to have the best experience possible, it will important that several things occur. They must do a decent amount of research, compare odds and work with a reputable sportsbook. This of course, will not guarantee that a person will win every one of their bets. However, it can decrease many of the problems commonly associated with wagering blindly and working with unprofessional sportsbooks. The Internet can be a lot of help for bettors looking to study the sport they are wagering on. It can also be used to compare sportsbooks and available odds.

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