Snowboarding Betting

Snowboarding is a very exciting sport. During this year’s Winter Olympics, the snowboarders, both men and women, had the television audience and those in attendance, in rapt attention. It takes an incredible amount of skill, practice and guts to make it as a snowboarder, especially a world class one. However, though snowboarding is a great sport, it isn’t a major one. Most people are only able to view competitions on television, during the Olympics and World Championships. Individuals that live in countries where snowboarding is more popular may find that more competitions are televised, but by and large, many more people will not.

It is possible to bet on snowboarding, especially during the Olympics, World Cup and World Championships. It can be a bit more difficult to find a sportsbook that accepts wagers outside of these times. Individuals that desire to bet more often will probably need to check around a bit in order to find a sportsbook that consistently offers betting lines on Snowboarding.

Most snowboarding bets are straight up (Moneyline) wagers. Bettors will bet on who will win a particular snowboarding event. Each competitor, along with the odds attributed to them, will be listed by the sportsbook. Bettors then wager on whomever they wish.

Snowboarding Betting Types and Odds

The majority of snowboarding bets are straight up wagers. An individual will wager on who they believe will win a particular event. They may also opt to bet on the competitor(s) that pays out the best odds. This will typically be the underdog or the athletes in the middle of the pack. These snowboarders don’t have a good chance of actually wining. Sportsbooks are willing to offer better odds for these competitors in order to encourage bettors to bet on them.

There are almost always more then two competitors in a snowboarding event. Bettors can wager on anyone in the competition. They might choose to wager on someone who isn’t the favorite but who still has a legitimate chance at winning. They won’t be able to secure as good odds as if they’d bet on the worse person in the field, but they will be better then if they wagered on the favorite.

When snowboard bets are listed, they generally include the name of the competitor and the odds given to them by the odds maker. Following is an example:

Shaun White –250
Joe TheSnowboarder +250

Shaun White is the favorite. This is obvious because the number next to him is negative. Individuals that bet on Shaun White will have to spend $2.50 in order to earn $1.00. Joe TheSnowboarder has been given bettor odds to encourage bettors to wager on him, in hopes of an upset and subsequent, big payday. A person who bets on this individual stands to make $2.50 for every $1 they wager.

Snowboarding Major Events

There are snowboarding events throughout the year at different locations. However, the biggest snowboarding events are the Winter Olympics, World Cup and World Championships.

Winter Olympics: The Winter Olympics occur every four years. It is a huge winter sports competition. This event includes more then just snowboarding. There are many winter sports showcased here. During the Winter Olympics, snowboarding betting picks up. In fact, this is an extremely busy time for sportsbooks. Just about all of the major ones will be accepting snowboarding bets during this time.

FIS World Championships: The World Championships are held every odd year. Athletes compete in the snowboard cross, parallel Slalom, half-pipe, big air and parallel giant slalom.

LG FIS Snowboard World Cup: This is another popular snowboarding event. Some of the world’s best snowboarders compete. The World Cup begins in September and lasts until March. Fifteen countries and 20 cities will host the competitions.

Snowboarding Betting Strategy and Tips

In order to become a good snowboard bettor, it is very important for individuals to be knowledgeable about the sport. They will need to know whom the best boarders and what effects snowboard competition outcomes. There are different snowboarding events. Bettors will need to develop an accurate understanding of what these events are and what constitutes a good performance. The Internet is a very good place to learn more about the sport as well as the athletes. The websites of the sport’s governing bodies are also great places to get information about upcoming and past events. They often times will have a leader board, which lists who has accumulated the most points and wins for a particular season. This information can be invaluable to bettors.

Individuals looking to wager on snowboarding will find that the best times to do so are during the World Cup, Olympics and World Championships. Sportsbooks will be consistently offering wagers during these times. It is important for bettors to do their homework. Finding out which competitors are the best in their events and how they are faring will help individuals make good betting decisions. Studying injury reports as well as win and loss streaks can also be helpful.

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