Swimming Betting

Competitive swimming can be very exciting to watch. While swimming meets are pretty commonplace, major events that people might consider wagering on, arenít. Most sportsbooks donít offer a lot of swimming bets. When they do, they are for major events such as the European Championships, FINA World Championships and the Olympics. The majority of swimming bets are straight up, Moneyline wagers where bettors wager on the outcome of a particular race. The favorites are assigned low odds and the underdogs, high odds. This is done to encourage betting on both sides.

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Soccer Betting Types and Odds

Most swimming bets are Moneyline, outright winner wagers. Individuals will bet on the outcome of a race. They can bet on any swimmer that they wish. Those who the Oddsmaker believes will win are assigned low odds and subsequent payouts. Swimmers that donít have much of a shot at winning are given better odds. Wagering on them will result in bigger payouts if they win. This is to encourage people to bet on all of the athletes. Bettors may go with the underdog in hopes of that particular athlete pulling an upset and winning them a lot of money. Following, is an example of a typical swimming bet in the Moneyline format.

Racer1: -400
Racer 2: -300
Racer 3: -200
Racer 4: +100
Racer 5: +250
Racer 6: +300

Racer 1 would be the favourite, Racer 6 the underdog. Individuals must invest $4.00 to win $1.00. Bettors that wager on Racer 6 would win $3.00 for every $1 they bet.

Swimming Major Events

The swimming events that see the most betting action include the Olympics, FINA World Championships and the European Championships. The most popular swimming events are typically the freestyle, relays, butterfly, back and breaststrokes.

European Championships: The European Championships pit the best European swimmers against each other to determine who the best swimmer is on the continent.

FINA World Championships: This is a five-day event where the best swimmers in the world, gather to compete against each other,

Olympics: The events are held every four years. This is a time for swimmers to really make a name for themselves. Michael Phillips established himself as a household name and a millionaire after his historic showing at the Beijing Olympics.

Swimming Betting Strategy and Tips

Being a winning swimming bettor requires that individuals commit themselves to learning as much as they can about the sport. Understanding whom the best performers are, the different types of races and who is competing well (and who isnít) is important if a person wants to become a good swimming bettor. Today, the Internet has made it very easy to collect this information. Individuals can research races, strokes and competitors pretty easily. They can also find out who is swimming well and who isnít. All of these things will help them make intelligent decisions when it is time to place their bets.

Often times, bettors that are consistently unsuccessful, fail to do their homework. They approach betting more as gambling, meaning that they simply make guesses without any research and/or study. Instead, they pick a swimmer and hope for the best. They may bet on the one swimmer they recognize rather then making a decision based on good information. This is simply a crapshoot. If they get lucky they win, if not they lose. This is not a good long-term strategy. Individuals who approach sports betting in this manner will likely lose much more often then they win. This is potential waste of money and time. A little bit of effort and research can go a long way. Bettors must understand and heed this.

Swimming is a popular sport. Millions of people worldwide participate in swimming meets however; aside from major events most meets are not televised nor receive a lot of attention. Because of this, it can be difficult for bettors to find a sportsbook that is offering swimming bets.

Most sportsbooks will offer swimming wagers during the European Championships, The FINA Championships and the Olympics. During these times, it is very easy to place a wager because there is so much attention being focused on these events, which translates into more betting and a lot of money for the sportsbooks.

The swimming events most commonly wagered on include the freestyle races, butterfly, breast and back stroke. Individuals interested in betting on any of these races will need to first do their homework and find out what swimmers excel in them. Good information to collect includes, a swimmerís age, competitive experience, swimming record, whether or not they are injured or coming off an injury. All of these things may affect their performance and therefore, should be considered before a person bets on them.

Swimming betting is not an exact science, even if a person has all of the information available to them, this does not guarantee that they will win. Because of this, it is important that individuals never wager more then they can afford. Proper bankroll management is key to betting on swimming as well.

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