Tennis Betting

Tennis is a sport that is recognized, played and watched by people all over the world. Because there are matches played throughout the year and tennis has a big fan base, it is possible for bettors to wager on tournaments (or matches) year round. Individuals that are interested in betting on tennis, but have yet to join a sportsbook, will need to open up an account before they are allowed to make bets. This is a fairly simple process and shouldn’t take a long time. One of the advantages of being a new bettor is all of the free-money bonuses (which can be used to place bets) being offered by sportsbooks eager to sign new players.

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Both men’s and women’s tennis is quite popular. Because of this, it is possible to wager on matches for both sexes. Female stars such as Venus and Serena Williams as well as Maria Sharapova, and the many other talented women that came before them, has helped broaden the game’s appeal. Today, both men and women follow and enjoy women’s tennis.

Though many tennis matches are played each year, bettors should pay special attention to the game’s biggest events, referred to as the Majors. Wimbledon, the U.S., Australian and French Opens are some of the most notable and exciting matches played each year. They also are a great time to bet.

Tennis Betting Types and Odds

There are numerous types of tennis bets. The most common are straight up and over/under bets. These are not the only ones available. A third category is prop bets. The latter are whatever wagers a particular sportsbook comes up with. They may vary greatly from one sportsbook to the next, depending on where a person is gambling. It is not uncommon for a bettor to be presented with dozens of tennis bets. A careful study of each will help individuals decide which gives them the best shot of turning a profit.

Straight Up Bet: A straight up bet is one on the outcome of a match. Each player’s name is listed, along with his or her odds. The individual predicted to win, will have the lowest odds and the converse is true for the underdog. The favorite always receives less favorable odds then the underdog. This is done to encourage betting on both sides. If the odds were too similar, most people would just bet on the favorite. This would likely result in the sportsbook having to pay out winnings from their own coffers, something that they try to avoid.

Set Totals (over/under): A match totals, over/under bet is one in which an individual wagers on how many sets a match will last. The sportsbook will throw out a number and each bettor will wager whether or not the set total will be higher (over) or lower (under) then that figure.

Prop Bets: Prop bets are a sort of a catchall category. These are random bets created by sportsbooks. They can be wagers on whatever the sportsbooks believes will make them money.

Tennis Major Events

U.S. Open: The U.S. Open is held in New York City, New York each year. It is an extremely prestigious tournament and is classified as a Major.

Australian Open: Held in Australia, this is another popular Major.

French Open: The French Open is always a fan favorite and receives a ton of television coverage.

Wimbledon: Wimbledon is played in London. It is one of tennis’ most prestigious and respected tournaments.

Tennis Betting Strategy and Tips

A pretty universal, tried and true way to improve ones chances of being a successful tennis bettor is to study. An individual must be willing to study the game and the individuals that play it. For example, tennis is played on different surfaces. Some individuals prefer certain surfaces to others. Knowing each player’s preference and tendency to play well or not on a particular surface, will help individuals make smart wagering.

Keeping track of injuries, streaks and slumps is also important. Though many of the top players are reliable in the major tournaments, there are sometimes up-and-comers who pull upsets. Thus, knowing who the players are on the cusp of superstardom can be quite beneficial. Comparing odds is a must when involved with sports betting. Sportsbooks will offer different odds. Bettors should always shop around and make comparisons because this can result in bigger payouts. Often times, the odds get better as a match gets closer.

Tennis is a great sport that requires a ton of skill, athleticism and endurance. It is also fun to watch. The Majors always receive a great deal of coverage and fan support. It is possible for bettors to bet on tennis matches throughout the year. However, the biggest paydays are possible when the flagship tournaments such as Wimbledon, U.S., Australian and French Opens are being played. Individuals interested in betting on tennis must be sure to do their homework and stay informed regarding player performance, winning (or losing) streaks, injuries and what surfaces players excel and struggle on. This information will be necessary so that bettors can make intelligent and informed bets.

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