Volleyball Betting

Volleyball is a fairly popular sport. It has more of a following in some countries, such as America, Brazil and Russia, then others. Because there isnít a huge fan base (itís not considered a major, international sport), unless a major tournament is being played, it can be difficult, if not impossible to find a sportsbook that is offering volleyball bets. There simply arenít a lot of big matches or enough bettors interested in consistently betting on the sport, to justify sportsbooks taking bets. Most betting action for this sport will take place during the FVIB World Championships, the Olympics and World League.

Volleyball Betting Types and Odds

There are a number of volleyball bets that bettors can make. We have reviewed some of the most common ones below.

Match Betting in Volleyball: This is a simple wager. Individuals are betting on the outcome of a match. Depending on the sportsbook, this wager may use either a decimal or fractional system. The payouts will be better for the underdog. This is to encourage betting on both teams. Bettors that bet on the team that is expected to lose, do so because the potential exists for them to receive a big payout, much larger then the one they would receive if they wagered on the winner and won. Odds makers offer these types of lines in order to entice bettors to bet on both sides of the match.

Point Spread: With this type of wager, the winning volleyball team must beat the spread in order for the bet to pay out. Some bettors like this bet because even if their team loses, they donít as long as the winning team failed to cover the spread. This is how the sportsbook encourages even betting with these types of wagers.

Point Totals: This is a bet on how many points, total, will be scored between the two volleyball teams. Bettors arenít betting on the outcome of the match but instead on how many points will be scored. This is an under/over bet. The sportsbook will present a number and bettors will wager whether or not the total number of points will be over or under that figure.

Set Handicap: This wager is on the outcome of a particular set. These are offered at terms similar to match bets and are often listed in a decimal and fractional system. These are also sometimes listed as Moneyline bets.

Volleyball Major Events

FVIB World Championships: This is the oldest and most prestigious volleyball tournament. It has been played since 1949. An indoor tournament, both the Russian men and women have dominated this event. The most recent champions on the womenís side are the Russians and Brazil for men.

Olympics: The Olympics occur every four years and is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. The top national volleyball teams compete for world dominance. The Olympics are watched by millions of people and are prime times to make sports bets.

World League: This tournament has been played since 1990 and is one of Volleyballís most prestigious events. The menís tournament is called the FIVB World League and the womenís, the FIVB World Grand Prix. Italy and Brazil have dominated this event, both winning it 8 times.

Volleyball Betting Strategy and Tips

The fan base for volleyball is pretty small when compared to the likes of soccer and basketball. This provides both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that there is less competition. This can result in more wins for those who do bet. Also, because so few people follow the sport, there is not a lot of reporting done on it. Individuals really have to dig if they want to find good information about the sport. Because not everyone will do what it takes, those who will, have an advantage.

One disadvantage of volleyball not being a major sport is that sportsbooks donít offer many bets on matches. Most often, bettors will have to wait for major events, like the ones mentioned above (see Major Events), before they are able to place a bet. For diehard fans, this can be very frustrating.

Even though there isnít as much reporting on volleyball, as there are the major sports, proper and thorough research is important for bettors. They will need to know which teams are the best, whom the top players are, whoís injured and how many wins and losses a team has. All of this information will be necessary in order for individuals to make good bets. The Internet will probably be the best way to obtain this information. The sportís international governing bodyís website should also list matches, results and relevant information at their website as well and is a good place to do research.

Volleyball isnít considered a major sport, but it is still entertaining and requires a great deal of skill and athleticism. It is also fun to watch. Individuals that wish to bet on the sport will find that most action takes place during the Olympics, the World League, and World Championships. To give oneself the best chance at winning, proper and thorough research will be required. Comparing the odds made available by sportsbooks is also recommended. Doing so will ensure that bettors are able to qualify for the highest payouts possible.

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