Water Polo Betting

For many people, the only time they ever sit down and watch a water polo match is during the Olympics. However, though many people donít watch water polo on a regular basis, there is a pretty good following for it. It receives enough support and interest that sportsbooks offer bets on matches throughout the year. While it is played in Canada and the United States, support isnít very strong for the sport in those countries. It is much more popular in Europe.

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Water polo is not a new sport. It has been around a long time and has a storied and eventful history. The game is most similar to handball, except that it is played in water. Players from both teams, attempt to stop the other from scoring goals (which is done by throwing a ball into a net) on their side of the water. Water polo requires that players be strong, accurate, good swimmers and have a great deal of stamina. Though the matches donít last very long, players cannot touch either the sides or bottom of the pool during play. Individuals that watch and/or bet on water polo will find that matches are quite exciting, fast paced and that a lot of points are scored.

Water Polo Betting Types and Odds

Match Bets: When individuals make a match bet, they are wagering on the outcome of a water polo match. Bettors are ultimately betting on who will win the match or that the game will end in a tie. Ties donít occur that often. As a result, the payouts are pretty high for wagers of this type. Match bets are often presented in odds format. Following, is an example:

WP Team 1: 1.50
WP Team 2: 11:00
Tie: 8.00

In this example, Team A is expected to win. For every $1.00 a person bets on them, the bettor wins $1.50. Team B is expected to get beat pretty handily based on the odds. As a result, individuals who bet on them and win, will be paid $10.00 for every $1.00, they wagered. If there is a tie, bettors will win $8.00 for every $1.00 they bet.

Total Scores: The total scores bet is another pretty straightforward one win the sport of water polo. Individuals who make this bet are wagering on the number of points the two teams will score, combined. The sportsbook will list a number. Bettors will then bet on if they believe the teams will score more or less then that figure.

Prop Bets: Prop bets are an assortment of bets that each sportsbook make sup on their own. It can be any type of bet. Sportsbooks are not limited in this regard. Because prop bets can be anything the sportsbook wants it to be, they tend to vary a great deal.

Water Polo Major Events

Olympics: The Olympics are held every four years. This major, international sporting event is a big deal for national water polo teams. Each country that wishes to participate will field their best team in hopes of attaining Olympic gold. This is a great time for individuals interested in betting on the sport. Sportsbooks tend to offer lots of wagers during the Olympics and bettors tend to take them up on their offers in large numbers.

FINA Water Polo World League: This tournament has only been played since 2002. It was created in response to the buzz suddenly surrounding the sport after the 2000 Olympic games.

Water Polo Betting Strategy and Tips

While water polo isnít considered a major sport, it does have a decent enough following that sportsbooks take bets all year round. This gives individuals a lot of time to learn about the teams and players. Depending on where a person lives, this can be difficult. Those who reside in Europe may be exposed to the game more then someone who lives in the United States, where water polo isnít particularly popular. For those persons that live in countries where there is virtually no coverage of the sport, the Internet will have to become their eyes and ears. News and sports websites, as well as the sitesí of the sportsí governing body (FINA) will likely have information about top teams, players, scores and team records. It will be important to read this information as much as possible prior to placing any wagers.

Bettors should also always compare the odds offered by sportsbooks. This will ensure that they place bets at sportsbooks that offer the best payouts. Joining more then one online gambling website will make such comparisons much easier.

Water polo is an exciting, high scoring sport. Individuals who wish to bet on it will find that sportsbooks accept bets all year round. To improve a personís chance of betting successfully, it is extremely important that they do their homework. This involves learning as much as possible about the teams and players that play the sport. Keeping abreast of any news regarding a team or individualís play will be important because this information may affect how a bettor wagers. A team that would normally be considered the favorite may suddenly lose their best player. For individuals looking to bet on or against that team, this development would likely affect their wager.

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