Bodog Sportsbook Review

The folks at Bodog pride themselves on being one of the premier sources for online gambling. While their Sportsbook remains one of the best, they also boast a top notch casino, poker room and race book. Recently, celebrated their 15th year as a trusted leader in the gaming industry. Based out of St. John’s Antigua, Bodog uses proprietary software. The website features King LeBron James on the front and also has an extremely sharp look to it. As their slogan says: “Dominance since day one”, Bodog continues to dominate the sports betting world.

Bodog Bonuses and Promotions
Bonuses are the best part of an online Sportsbook, right? Who doesn’t love free money! All it takes is a few simple steps to open an account at Bodog. Bodog will then offer you a 10% bonus. As soon as you make your first deposit, the 10% will be entered into your account. For example, if you wish to just start with $100 in your bankroll, the folks at Bodog will offer you another $10.00! Up to $100, Bodog will offer you a 20% bonus for refer-a-friend. If you refer a friend to Bodog and they register a username and make a deposit, you get 20% of their deposit. If you have all sorts of friends that share the passion of sports betting with you, Bodog may be the place to direct them! Bodog also offers numerous bonuses on playing poker, and an assortment of bonuses while playing games. Be sure to check these out after you have placed your sports bets for the evening!

Bodog Lines and Odds
When visiting Bodog you will see their featured betting lines on the side of the front page. This is updated to the minute with the hottest action in the sports world featured. When betting on action that day/night, they will typically allow you to bet the point spread (+/-), along with the Moneyline (straight result) and the over/under of total points/goals scored. Big games will feature numerous prop bets, which are particular results that could occur during a game. A common prop during an event such as the Super Bowl is the coin flip. While not exactly scientific, the coin toss continues to be one of the largest prop bets people place a wager on. Bodog also offers live betting on certain games. With live betting, you can bet on a game while the action is going on. A lot of times, some of the big time gamers enjoy this action of “predicting the game”, minute-by-minute. Bodog also offers future bets, which is wagering on actions that will happen in the future. Specific future bets that occur most commonly is: “Who will win the World Series”? This is an ongoing bet that can be made at almost any point in time. Typically, as soon as a season is over, the odds for next years champion are released. The lines change over time, depending on trades, injuries and free agent action.

Bodog Sports Offered
The Sportsbook at Bodog offers a wide arrangement of sports. Of course many of the sports are not in season, but you can certainly still enjoy wagers in the off-season. Bodog offers betting on football (both NCAA and NFL), Basketball (both NCAA and NBA), along with hockey, tennis, soccer, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Baseball, Golf, Motor Sports, Horse Racing, Entertainment, Rugby, Cricket, Olympics, Darts and Snooker. No matter what your forte is, Bodog will have you covered!

Bodog Customer Service
The Customer Service team at Bodog does it’s best to offer top-notch service at any time of the day. They offer a toll free number to not just natives of a certain country, but to anyone in the world. The folks on the help side have always been noted as respectable and extremely helpful. No matter how small your concern or inquiry is, be sure to contact the folks at Bodog. Also, if the phone is not your best option, Bodog offers a CONTACT US form that is easily accessible and simple to fill out, that will go straight to the customer service representatives, and will be answered in a timely fashion.

Bodog in Conclusion is a Sportsbook that has a great mixture of both professional sports bettors and also those that truly look for recreation. Not only does Bodog offer online wagering, you may also use the phone option for bets if you aren’t online at the moment. When betting online, the minimum bet is just $1 giving sports bettors of all limits some action. The general reputation of Bodog is that it seems to be tailored more towards the recreational bettor, but by offering props, a wide assortment of wagering options, the sharps are sure to enjoy it as well. Do not miss this opportunity and take advantage of all Bodog has to offer. You will not be disappointed and be ready to hit the action right away!

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  • Sign-Up Bonus: 10% Up To $1,000
  • Referral Code: 3178609
  • Established: Founded in 1998
  • Jurisdiction: Antigua
  • Contact: 1-888-263-0000