Bwin Sportsbook Review

Bwin Sportsbook offers the latest innovations in sports wagering. The folks at Bwin have developed into Europe’s biggest sports betting host. Offering over 30,000 sports bets per day, they offer betting for folks in 22 different languages. Licensed and regulated in Gibraltar, Bwin has offered top-notch sports betting services since 2006. You can feel safe at Bwin with their high tech safe and secure procedures. The software used is one of the best in the world with encrypted technology. Some of the partners for the sportsbook are: FIBA, FC Bayern Munchen, Real Madrid, AC Milan and MotoGP. Bwin is part of the EGBA: European Gaming and Betting Association. Bwin is home to over 22 million users. If you are unfamiliar with how to place a sports bet online, the folks at Bwin have a tutorial on "how to place your first online bet", listed on their website. They also offer mobile web wagering and much more.

BWIN Bonuses and Promotions
One of the first aspects some “shoppers” of online sportsbooks look for is the bonuses/promotions offered. The Members Program at Bwin is one of the best programs offered for online gaming. The program works like most VIP programs in which you garner reward points for the amount of bets made. Points can be cashed in for betting cash, Nintendo Wii, or different contests. Maybe one of the more disappointing aspects of Bwin is their lack of advertising regarding their bonuses offered. They do offer a 50% bonus for your initial deposit. But unlike other sports books, they do not appear to have a clear indication on other bonuses available. It is known that members of the VIP program do receive handsome bonuses as well.

BWIN Lines and Odds
Not only can you bet on action that is in the future, Bwin also offers Live Betting, which allows gamers to bet on a certain game, or games that are occurring live. This gives bettors opportunities to find trends from within a game, and bet on them. All the traditional betting methods are offered at Bwin. Betting line, Money line, totals, over/unders, etc are all offered. Future bets are available at Bwin, if you are feeling lucky well in advance of a season. Halftime odds are placed for most games as well, giving bettors an opportunity to take advantage of viewing a first half, and wagering.

Bwin also offers ‘if bets’, which are nice for users who are working to manage their bankroll better. An ‘if bet’ could be made on an existing bet to win. You will have as much as you initially put on a bet plus the winnings to place on the second bet within an if-bet. This can continue as long as bets keep winning. This seems to be a fun aspect for recreational sports betting. Also, parlay’s in which give bettors chances to win more money, but have much higher risks are available at Bwin Sportsbook.

BWIN Sports Offered
Bwin Sportsbook offers betting in over 90 sports, which beats nearly all of their competitors. How about that? Are you a fan of the exotic sports where you cannot find on all the trendy sportsbooks? If so, Bwin is the place to go. Players can wager on football, (NFL and NCAA), Tennis, Basketball (NBA and NCAA), Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, American Football, Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Formula One, Lacrosse, Rugby, Motorbikes and more. You name the sports; the folks at Bwin will allow you to place a wager on it! Bwin is the best place to visit when looking for non-traditional American sports – they have it!

BWIN Deposit/Withdraw Options
A key aspect to online sports betting is the methods in which payments can be made, and money can be taken out. Bwin offers all the typical methods used for online gaming. Visa/MasterCard is accepted, along with Neteller, myEwallet,, etc. It’s a piece of cake after the initial security checks to withdraw money at Bwin. Most users appreciate the security measures they force you to take to withdraw. You do not want someone else taking money out of your bankroll.

BWIN Customer Service
You’ve all been to an online sportsbook and have been unable to figure something out, or had a question regarding a service. One of the more frustrating times for bettors is not getting an answer from their host sportsbook. Bwin does not allow your frustrations to build. They thrive on making sure all questions are answered in a timely manner, and offer several ways to get answers. While not around 24 hours per day, the customer service team at Bwin offers email support for most of the day. They also provide a FAQ section in which most questions users have regarding the sportsbook are answered. Also, if telephone is a more valuable form of communication for the user, they offer a couple numbers, and pride themselves on giving friendly support.

BWIN Sportsbook In Conclusion
Overall, BWIN is one of the best sports betting websites around especially if you enjoy placing bets on non traditional sports.  With excellent bonuses and solid customer service, bettors will find that BWIN offers an inviting atmosphere and lots of great promotions.  We highly recommend this betting site for European players looking to bet on a wide variety of sporting events quickly and easily online.

  • Website:
  • Sign-Up Bonus: €600 Sign Up Bonus
  • Bonus Code: Use Link
  • Established: Founded in 1999
  • Jurisdiction: Gibraltar
  • Contact: 00350 200 777 61