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Online betting is the quickest and easiest way to place a bet on sports. Over the past few years, the amount of online sports betting sites has increased drastically. With this increase, has brought on more interest in sports betting in general and more specifically interest in online betting. If you are not familiar with how online betting works, continue reading and we will give you the basics to betting online.

Why Online Betting

There are many reasons why online betting has become popular. The large majority of sports bettors choose to wager online nowadays instead of finding a local bookie. Below are a few of the reasons why online betting is a great option.

Online Betting is Easy – If you have an Internet connection and a computer you can place your bet. Making your bets online is convenient as well because you can do some quick research on the game before you place the bet.

Online Betting is Quick – It takes just minutes to place your bet or bets. You can quickly review your pending and past bets as well. Viewing your account balance is a simple click away.

Online Betting can be Done Anywhere – It doesn’t matter where you live, where you are at, or whom you are with. You can simply submit your online bet from anywhere around the world if you have access to the Internet. With mobile online betting catching some steam, this makes it even easier to bet online.

Online Betting is “private” – One thing many people don’t like about betting with a local bookie is that someone else knows their bets. When you bet online, it’s you and you alone doing it. You don’t have to confirm them with another person. If you win the bet you don’t have to collect, your account will automatically be credited. On the other side if you lose money, you won’t have Bruno knocking on your door wanting his money. It simple comes out of your online balance.

Casino gambling is probably even bigger and guides such as CasinoSwe are highlighting some of the big names among casino sites.

How Online Betting Works
Some people might be intimidated to start betting online. But to be honest it’s a really simple process. Here are the main steps to placing an online bet.

1. Sign up at an online sportsbook.
2. Deposit money.
3. Research what online bets you like.
4. Place your wager.
5. Watch and enjoy.

Wasn’t that easy? Obviously each of these steps can be broken down a little further but hopefully this gives you a basic overview of what it takes to bet online.

How to Place Bets Online

So we have touched on the general process of how online betting works. Now, we’d like to expand a little further on point number 4 from above. How do you actually place your online bet? While we know this differs a little bit from site to site, these are the general steps you would take to place your bet online.

We are assuming you have done your research and found a game you want to bet on. So, now you need to go to your online sportsbook and find the sport for this game. Once you have identified the sport you should find all the games being played listed. Within the desired game will be a number of lines available such as the spread, Moneyline, total and possibly more. You will now select the team and the type of wager you want to wager on. Then you need to decide how much you are going to risk with this bet. Remember, all sportsbooks take some vig or juice from your winnings. A standard amount of juice is –110. So you would need to wager $11 to win $10. After you have put in how much you are willing to risk, find the submit area and submit your online bet. There may be a confirmation page depending on what site you are at, but again, these are general statements on how online betting works.

So that’s it. You’ve now placed an online bet in a matter of a few minutes. Practice this at your favorite online sportsbook and you’ll be able to submit your bets within seconds.

Best Sites for Online Betting
Online betting is available all over the Internet. Hundreds of sports betting sites are popping up and it’s nearly impossible to know which ones are trustworthy and which ones aren’t.

Some betting sites offer huge bonuses to you when you deposit for the first time. This is a nice perk because it automatically adds some free money to your bankroll. We are not going to expand on this point very much but wanted to let you know, when it comes to online betting here the sites we highly recommend are listed in the table above.

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