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The Cricket World Cup is the ultimate event, organized by the International Crick Council. The Cricket World Cup holds preliminary qualification rounds, which lead up to a finals tournament. The finals are held every four years. The Cricket World Cup is said to be the world’s fourth largest and most viewed sporting event. Only the FIFA World Cup, Summer Olympics and Rugby World Cup rank higher in terms of television viewers. The 2007 Cricket World Cup sold over 672,000 tickets, which is the most ever. In 2007, the Cricket World Cup was played in the West Indies. That tournament had 16 teams playing between March 13th and April 28th. The tournament started as a round robin, and then moved to 8 teams, with a semi-final and finals played. Australia beat Sir Lanka in the finals to repeat for the third straight time as Cricket World Cup Champions. Australia is 51-17-1 in 69 Cricket World Cup matches.

History of Cricket World Cup

All the way back in 1844, the first ever cricket match was played. In that match the United States and Canada played. The first cricket tournament was held in 1912 in England. As far as the Cricket World Cup is concerned, the first event was in 1975 when England hosted. In 1979 the first trophy was awarded, to the West Indies. In the 9 Cricket World Cups since 1975, England has played a part as the host 4 times. In 2011, India, Sir Lanka and Bangladesh will all take part as hosts of the event. In 2015, Australia gets lone possession of hosting the Cricket World Cup. It will be just the second time they hosted the Cricket World Cup. In 2019, England will once again host. Ireland and Bermuda played in their first Cricket World Cup in 2007, which pushed the total amount of countries participating since the inception of the tournament, up to 19. Glenn McGrath was named “Man of the Tournament” in 2007, with 26 wickets.

How To Bet On Cricket World Cup

Currently, sports books are offering odds on the “test matches”, which are matches played leading up to the actual World Cup. Users can get odds on all the test matches at places such as There are real basic wager options, where both teams are listed and given odds to win the match. For example, in a match between England and Bangladesh, England is listed 2/9, Bangladesh 8/1 and a draw is listed at 9/2. A draw is simply a tie. There are also options for One Day International in which odds are given for the teams playing. You can also bet Match Betting, Top Home Batsman, Top Away Batsman, Top Home Bowler, Top Away Bowler, Batsman Match Bets, along with many other options involving a specific cricket match. There are also odds released for which country will win the over Cricket World Cup. William has the odds listed as follows:
* India 7 to 2
* South Africa 4 to 1
* Sir Lanka 4 to 1
* Australia 9 to 2
* Pakistan 7 to 1
* England 12 to 1
* New Zealand 12 to 1
* West Indies 14 to 1
* Bangladesh 40 to 1
* Zimbabwe 250 to 1
* Ireland 300 to 1
* Kenya 750 to 1
* Canada 750 to 1
* Holland 750 to 1

Where to Bet on the Cricket World Cup

Our top selection for betting on the Cricket World Cup is They offer excellent odds on all cricket matches, whereas a lot of other sports books only offer odds during the Cricket World Cup. is another outstanding sports book that offers wagers on the Cricket World Cup. They are an Irish sportsbook, so with Ireland emerging as a Cricket World Cup participant, they are improving their cricket betting services. is another location where betting on the Cricket World Cup is not only fun and exciting, but also very easy. Bet365 gives you the best odds on not only particular matches, but also the runs, innings, wickets and batsman in a particular match.

Cricket World Cup Bonuses

When you are looking to get started betting on the Cricket World Cup, be sure to do your homework and research all the sports books, and the bonuses in which they offer. Before signing up for a bonus that you think is really great, be sure to check all the rules and regulations for the bonus. A few of our favorite bonuses available for betting on the Cricket World Cup are, and All three of these sports books will not only give users the ability to receive free money when registering a user name, and also placing their first deposit, but also great advantages to betting on the Cricket World Cup. Do not miss the opportunity to get involved with outstanding bets on the Cricket World Cup.

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