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The Grand Slam of Tennis consists of four major tournaments, which are termed as “Slam Tournament”. These events are the most important of the year and have significant world ranking points, tradition, prize money and public attention. A Grand Slam can be won by an individual or a doubles team. If they win the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open all four in a row, not just the same year, it is said to be a “Grand Slam”. If an individual or team won the four events, plus also winning a medal in tennis at the Olympics, is called “Golden Slam”. Steffi Graf is the only person to accomplish the Golden Slam.

History of Grand Slam Tournament

The Grand Slam has been since the 1930’s. Originally a term used in golf, New York Times columnist John Kieran is noted as originating the term. Before 1982 the Grand Slam was winning all four events in the same calendar year. During that time, two individuals on the men’s side have accomplished the Grand Slam. In 1938 Don Budge won all four events, and then twice; 1962 and 1969 Rod Laver won all four events. On the women’s side, Maureen Connolly Brinker in 1953, along with Margaret Court in 1970 and Steffi Graf in 1988 have Grand Slams. Within doubles tennis, it has happened once on the men’s side, and four times with the women. Martina Navratilova won six straight Grand Slam events in 1983. Serena Williams is the latest women to win a Grand Slam. She accomplished hers in 2002-2003. On the men’s side Roger Federer holds the record for ten straight Grand Slam finals appearances, and also has a streak of 8 straight.  Steffi Graf holds the woman’s record for appearances with 13 from 1987 – 1990.

How To Bet On Grand Slam

When betting on Grand Slam events, certainly there are future bets for events in the future. For all four events, odds are posted soon after the conclusion of the previous event. Odds will vary for each event, depending on match-ups, injuries and location of the action. When you are preparing to bet on the Grand Slam, the first plan of action should be to get to know your sports book. Know all the options, know the odds, and what they mean. Understand what “juice” is, and what you are actually betting on. Each event, odds will be given for all the matches. With those matches, odds betting along with moneyline betting are allowed. There are also opportunities to wager on how many sets each match will go. Also, along with the Grand Slam events, most of the major players in the world of tennis will be given odds on each event far in advance. For example, Andy Roddick before the start of the 2010 season was given odds for all four events.

At Roddick was given 33/1 odds at Australian Open; 200/1 odds at French Open; 16/1 odds at Wimbledon and 25/1 for the US Open. Also, currently available at most sports books, regarding the Grand Slam are prop bets. Prop bets are wagers done on individual action. An example of a prop bet that is currently allowed at some major books: “Who will be Number One at season’s end?” Another example: “Will one player win 3 straight events?” Each of those prop bets will be given odds, and the bettor can decide which side he/she likes, and bet on it. The next event in the Grand Slam is the French Open which will take place in Roland Garros May 18th – June 6th, 2010.

Tennis Grand Slam Bonuses

The Grand Slam events are the biggest within the sport of tennis. All places that allow sports betting will offer odds on the Grand Slam. Be sure to check as many books out as possible, and shop for the best odds. Some of our favorite books to bet on the Grand Slam:

• Bodog – $1,000 in bonuses for all Grand Slam bettors
• Paddy Power – £50 free bet for all new real money bettors
• BWIN – Best all around European bookmaker with awesome promos

Just like the Super Bowl, the World Series or the World Cup, sports books love the action they receive in regards to Grand Slam events. One way for sports books to get customers is to offer lofty bonuses. Some places will offer free betting cash to new users, or even as an incentive to bet, offer form major tournament events. Some places you can find up to $250 in free bets. Other places offer a free bonus, based on a certain percent of how much money user’s deposit. Many of the bonuses have restrictions, and they also have rules and regulations. Be sure to read about the entire bonus before signing up. The key is to find the best bonus, along with the best odds, before getting started on betting on the Grand Slam.

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