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March Madness is the term used for the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship. The tournament features 65 basketball teams, and it is a single elimination tournament held through the month of March. Starting with “Selection Sunday” on the second Sunday in March, where the teams and match-ups are announced, the tournament runs until the final four, the first weekend in April. To be invited to the NCAA Tournament, teams either must win their conference championship, or be an at large team selected by a tournament committee. Teams that are very close to making the tournament are known as “bubble teams”. March Madness is one of the biggest sports betting events in the United States. Many “bracket contests” take place, while events such as Calcutta’s have grown. This year’s March Madness Selection Sunday is March 14th, 2010, with the “play-in” game coming Tuesday March 16th, and the first round Thursday March 18th and Friday March 19th.

History of March Madness

The NCAA was formed in 1939, and features collegiate basketball teams from the United States. 35 different schools have won the tournament, with 20 of them winning just a single time. The University of California-Los Angeles has won the most NCAA tournaments with 11. The last time the Bruins won the tournament was in 1995. Kentucky ranks second with 7 titles, followed by Indiana and North Carolina with five. The University of Nevada-Las Vegas has the record for the largest margin of victory in the championship game during March Madness. The Running Rebels beat Duke by 30 points in the 1990 title game. The North Carolina Tar Heels won the most recent tournament last April. The NCAA Tournament features a different host for the events; the tournament will be played in the following cities:

* 2010 Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis IN

* 2011 Reliant Stadium, Houston TX

* 2012 Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans LA

* 2013 Georgia Dome, Atlanta GA

* 2014 Cowboys Stadium, Dallas TX

* 2015 Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis IN

* 2016 Reliant Stadium, Houston TX

How To Bet On March Madness

March Madness betting is essentially the entire collegiate basketball season. The season starts in early November, and concludes with March Madness. College basketball games have odds listed almost nightly. The most simple form of March Madness betting is straight odds betting. This type of betting is where teams are given a status as “favorite” or “underdog” and either “giving points” or “getting points”. The bettor is to select whether they feel a team will either win by that amount of points, or lose, but within the spread. Money line betting is also available for games during March Madness. This betting may be a bit easier than odds betting, but does not payout as well. For money line betting, when teams are highly expected to win, they can certainly be wagered on to win the game, but the pay-offs are much lower.

A money line bet is simply a wager placed on who the bettor feels will win the game. Parlays are common during March Madness betting. A parlay is where a bettor selects several games played on one card. In a parlay, ALL the teams selected must win, or the wager loses. Future bets can be made all year during March Madness on not only who will win the National Championship, but also who bettors feel will advance to the Final Four. The odds for teams chances change throughout the year, so if a team is given great odds, grab them early for best value. When the Final Four approaches, prop bets will be listed for the games. Prop bets involve actions that go on throughout the specific game.

March Madness Betting Bonuses

The first question bettors ask themselves: Where to bet, during March Madness? Be sure to do your homework when looking for a place to bet on March Madness. Sure, every sports book online will promote the tournament, and will want you to play there. Be sure to look for the best odds, and also be sure to read all of the terms and conditions involving any bonus offer or promotion the book is plugging.

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