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The Olympics are held not only in the summer, but also in the winter. The Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics are held every four years, with the two never coinciding with each other. The first Olympics were held in Athens Greece. The Olympics are a long-standing tradition for each and every country involved. Every year the Olympics have been in existence, the media has created more and more hype and sponsorship. The Winter Olympics feature snow and ice sports such as skating and ice hockey, sports that could not be done simultaneously with those played in the summer. The Summer Olympics have 26 sports, 30 disciplines and over 300 events.

The Olympics are governed by the International Sports Federation. The opening ceremony is one of the most popular events held within the Olympics, and how the ceremony is done is up to the host country. A medal ceremony takes place at the end of each event. A Gold, a Silver and a Bronze medal is awarded for first, second and third place. During the ceremony, the athlete’s flag is raised and the national anthem of the gold medal winner is played. At the end of the entire Olympic Games, there is also a closing ceremony. Many of the medalists are presented at the ceremony, and it ends as a wrap-up of the entire series of games.

History of Olympics

As mentioned before, Athens, Greece was the host of the first ever Olympics. The first time a winter Olympics was held was in 1924 when Chamonix, France hosted. Both the summer and winter games were played in the same year from 1924 – 1992. 1994 was the first time a winter Olympics was held in a separate year from the summer Olympics. That year, Lillehammer, Norway hosted the event. In 2008, the Summer Olympics were held in Beijing China, and the Winter Olympics in 2010 were held in Vancouver, Canada. 2012 the Summer Olympics will be held in London, UK. Sochi, Russia will be the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and 2016 the summer games will head to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Starting in 2010, a youth Olympics games will be started, with summer Olympics in Singapore. The United States has hosted the Olympic Games on eight occasions. The first time was in 1904 when St. Louis held the games. Lake Placid, New York (1932), Los Angeles California (1932), Squaw Valley, California (1960), Lake Placid, New York (1980), Los Angeles California (1984), Atlanta Georgia (1996), and Salt Lake City (2002) also hosted the events. Michael Phelps of the United States holds the record for most gold medals; with 14, also with 2 bronze. The most medals in one event belongs to Aladar Gerevich, from Hungary, who won 6 in Fencing from 1932-1960.

How To Bet On The Olympics

Although the 2010 Winter Olympics just came to an end, don’t forget about the Summer Olympics of 2012. They will be here before you know it! London is preparing to put together another series of exciting events. Odds will be given for all the events that are played within the Olympics. Every sports book on the web will have odds, but be sure to check them all out to find the best odds available. Some of the favorite bets during the recent Winter Olympics were placed on who would win the hockey tournament. Of course, Canada was the huge favorite, and they came away with the win, and warded those who wagered on them. For the upcoming Summer Olympics, one of the popular wagering events will be the Men’s Basketball title. The United States once again will put together a nice lineup of players, but can they come away with gold?

Olympics Betting Bonuses

When the Summer Olympics of 2012 come around, be sure to get in on all the action early. Do your research and find where the best bonuses are available. Bonuses offered from sports book’s can be as much as $200 of free money. Sometimes they will offer money for your first deposit, sometimes for just registering at their book. Other times, they will offer free betting money, when making bets. Some of our favourite Olympic bonuses offered online are:

Betus.com – offers an 100% initial deposit bonus, and also give some free money when betting on the Olympics.

BWIN.com – offers players a number of different free bets for regular signups as well as different special offers for Olympics bettors.

Other sportsbooks do not have current Olympic betting bonuses listed, as the recent Olympics have ended, and we await the Summer Olympics of 2012. Be sure to check back as the summer of 2012 approaches for the latest on Olympic betting bonuses!

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