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The Rugby World Cup is the top event within the Rugby Union and very popular for Rugby betting online. The World Cup is ran and operated by the International Rugby Board, and is held for men’s Rugby teams. The tournament is held every four years and is one of the biggest international competitions in the world. The winner of the Rugby World Cup is awarded the William Webb Ellis Cup. William Webb Ellis was said to have invented the game of rugby. He first watched a game of football, and came up with the idea.

History of Rugby World Cup

The first Rugby World Cup was held in 1987 and had no qualifying events. There were 16 teams that automatically got placed into the tournament. Now, 8 of the 20 teams in the Rugby World Cup are given an automatic berth, while the other 12 are filled by winning qualifying tournaments. The host of the tournament is voted on by the International Rugby Board. The host for the tournament is decided up to six years ahead of the event. The first host, in 1987, was Australia and New Zealand where New Zealand knocked off France, with Wales finishing third. In 1991, the United Kingdom, Ireland and France hosted the Rugby World Cup. That year, Australia won the event over France, while New Zealand beat Scotland for third place. 1995 saw South Africa win in front of their own fans, over New Zealand. France topped England for third place. Back in 1999, Wales hosted, while Australia won their second Rugby World Cup.

The Australians beat France, while South Africa beat New Zealand for third place. 2003 was held in Australia, where England beat the hosts for the title. New Zealand once again played in the third place game, this time beating France. The French finished fourth again in 2007, falling to Argentina. South Africa won their second title 15-6 over France. In 2011 the Rugby World Cup will be held in New Zealand, 2015 will be played in England, and 2019 in Japan. Overall, eight countries have finished in the top four. Australia has the most medals, with four, including two titles. Ireland, Fiji, Samoa and Canada have reached the quarterfinals, but never past that stage. English player Jonny Wilkinson has the most overall points in the final stages. Grant Fox of New Zealand holds the record for most points in a single competition.

How To Bet On Rugby World Cup

As the time crawls closer the to 2011 Rugby World Cup, many sports books have released odds for outright winner of the event. These odds are subject to change, and these are just one major sports book odds. Other odds can be found online. Recent Rugby World Cup odds:

* New Zealand : 5 to 4

* South Africa : 100 to 30

* Australia : 4 to 1

* France : 8 to 1

* Ireland : 16 to 1

* Wales : 16 to 1

* England : 16 to 1

* Argentina : 33 to 1

* Scotland : 125 to 1

* Samoa : 250 to 1

* Italy : 500 to 1

* Fiji : 500 to 1

* Tonga : 500 to 1

* Georgia : 2500 to 1

* Russia : 5000 to 1

There are other kinds of bets that can be made regarding the Rugby World Cup. Here are a few ways to bet:

Match Bets – odds placed for both teams to win a particular match.

Top Tryer Scorer Bet – This is when a bet is placed on the top scorer of a competition.

First Try Scorer – Placing a bet on the first person to score a goal.

Outright Winner – A bet on who will win the tournament.

Last Try Scorer – A wager on who will score the final goal of the game.

First Team to Score – Bet on what team you think will score the first goal of the game.

Rugby World Cup Betting Bonuses

There will be many places to find odds for not only outright winner, but also individual matches within the Rugby Cup. takes pride in being the best place to make your sports bets. They have current odds for winning the Rugby World Cup, but also within each pool. The Rugby World Cup kicks off June 15, 2011, so there is still plenty of time to get on the great odds at Also, offers live in game betting during action regarding the Rugby World Cup. This is an excellent opportunity to wager on what action has been going on live. Be sure to get in on live in-game betting at

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