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The Stanley Cup is the most coveted prize in the game of hockey. In the National Hockey League, an entire 82 game regular season schedule concludes with just 16 teams advancing to the postseason. In the postseason, best of seven series are played for three rounds, to come up with two teams competing for the Stanley Cup. The Cup transfers from team to team, as a new trophy is not made each season.

History of Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup has been called “The Cup”, The Holy Grail” and Lord Stanley’s Cup. It was original made of silver, now has added nickel alloy. It stands at 84.54 centimeters and weighs 15.5 kilograms. Lord Stanley of Preston was appointed as the Governor General of Canada in 1888, and was an adamant hockey fan. In 1926 the National Hockey League used the Stanley Cup as it’s de facto trophy. It went 21 years until in 1947 it was the official prize of the NHL. The first team in the National Hockey League to win the Stanley Cup was the Ottawa Senators in 1926-1927.

The Detroit Redwings in 2008 and the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2009 were the last two teams to win the cup. In all the years the Cup has been around, there are at least ten mistakes within the engraving. The most recent came in 1996 when Colorado Avalanche’s Adam Deadmarsh was spelled “Deadmarch”. The Stanley Cup has given a morale boosts to several groups of people throughout the world. The first time the Cup was brought down to an Air Force base in Tampa Bay. It was noted that seeing and touching the Cup was a “morale boost for all”.

How To Bet On Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup has seen numerous bets made during it’s existence. Stanley Cup betting is becoming more and more popular. We’ll list the standard betting types available on the Stanley Cup. Here are a few:

Stanley Cup Game Bets – With these bets, people can make the traditional spread, puck line or total bets. In hockey, there is typically a favorite, and then bettors are allowed to bet on a variety of options within the game. A total bet is made on the amount of goals one feels the game will produce. A typical over/under for a hockey game is 5.5, possibly 6.5.

Stanley Cup Future Bets – With a future bet, these can be made well before the season begins. Typically the NHL season will start in October and end in the early part of the summer. In August, a future bet can be made on who you feel will win the Stanley Cup. If you are a Chicago Blackhawks fan, and they are have 40/1 odds to win the cup, typically the NHL season will start in October and end in the early part of the summer. In August, a future bet can be made on who you feel will win the Stanley Cup. If you are a Chicago Blackhawks fan, and they are have 10/1 odds to win the cup, and you place $50, if Chicago wins the Stanley Cup, you are the winner of $500.00! This type of bet makes an entire season exciting for bettors. This bet is not gone until the team bet on is officially eliminated.

Stanley Cup Live Betting – Not all sportsbooks will offer this, but the ones that do are popular during live action. With live betting on the Stanley Cup, users can get on during live action and wager on what they feel the next play may be. In hockey, it’s a little more difficult than some, but the limited action that is wagered upon is very exciting for the hardcore bettors!

Stanley Cup Prop Bets – With prop bets, these are specific bets on the game. For example, a prop bet may be “Who will score the first goal of the game?”. Each player will have odds, with the top goal scorers having the lowest odds. Another prop bet in the Stanley Cup could be: “How many saves will Goalie A have in the game?” or “How many shots on goal will the Rangers have?”. In other words, these are random things a bettor can bet on regarding the game.

Where to Bet on the Stanley Cup

There are many places online to bet on the Stanley Cup. The best advice for players interested in getting started in betting on the Stanley Cup would be to shop around the web and find the best odds. Also, be sure to make sure the sportsbook has deposit/withdraw options that work for you.

Stanley Cup Bonuses

When the Stanley Cup Finals come around, be sure to check out the bonuses in which sportsbooks will offer. Many of these places are all about offering promotions for major events. Some books will offer 100% re-load bonuses to get users to bet on the Stanley Cup. Some places will have either ½ juice or no juice specials when betting on the Stanley Cup. Look around this summer and find the best place to bet on the Stanley Cup.

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