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The NFL Super Bowl has been one of the biggest sporting and betting events in the world ever since it was first officially played back in 1967. The winner of the Vince Lombardi Trophy is generally considered to be the league’s top team of the season regardless of how they fared during the regular campaign.

Most online sportsbooks across the globe see plenty of action on Super Bowl Sunday as they offer a wide variety of wagering options to choose from.

Bet on Super Bowl

Common Super Bowl Bets

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular bets on the annual big game of NFL.

Future Bets

While there’s an enormous amount of betting on the day and week of the game, many people actually wager on the encounter well ahead of time. In fact, many bettors will back their favourite or favourites as soon as the odds for the next Super Bowl are announced.

Once the odds are released they will look something like this:

Dallas Cowboys +300
Pittsburgh Steelers +500
New York Jets +600

The Cowboys are favoured in this scenario since the +300 American-style odds translate to 3/1 in fractional style. This means you’d win $3 for every $1 you wager. Therefore if you put $100 down down you could win $300 and get your original bet back.

If you bet on the Steelers you’d could win $500 for a $100 wager and the Jets would pay out $600 on $100.

Since Dallas has been listed as the favourite by the bookmakers for whatever reasons they see fit, it means their likelihood of winning is greater than the rest of the teams so the amount you win will be lower. For instance, if the odds of the Cleveland Browns were -5000, you could rake in winnings of $5,000 on a $100 bet.

The Moneyline

If the Cowboys and Steelers are facing off for the Super Bowl and you’ve got a strong feeling the Steelers are going to prevail you may want to simply wager on the moneyline. This is an outright bet on Pittsburgh ans it doesn’t matter how many points they win by as long as they emerge victorious.

This is basically a straight-up bet and the odds on the game will vary and depend on which team is favoured according to the odds.

The odds for a moneyline bet will look like this:

Dallas Cowboys -300
Pittsburgh Steelers +250

In this case we know Dallas is favoured because of the minus sign (-) in front of their odds. The plus (+) sign in front of the Steelers’ odds signifies they’re the underdogs.

Therefore, at +250 you would win $250 on a $100 bet while you would need to wager $300 to win $100 on Dallas. Of course your original wager is returned as well if you win.

Point Spread, Super Bowl

The point spread is set before each game by the expert bookmakers to show bettors which team is favoured to win and by how many points. However, while a team may be favoured to win a game outright, it needs to cover the point spread in this type of wager. Therefore, the losing team could still payoff if you’ve bet on the spread rather than the outright winner.

Dallas Cowboys (-7) -110
Pittsburgh Steelers (+7) -110

For example, the Cowboys are expected to beat the Steelers outright but the point spread is -7. This means the Cowboys are still favoured to win the game but must do so by at least 7 points for you to win if you bet on them. The odds of point spreads are typically listed by sportsbooks at -110 for both teams. This means you need to bet $110 to win $100.

If you believe Dallas will take the game by more than 7 points then you’d be wise to bet on the team. However, if you feel they may win by less than 7 points you’d be tempted to wager on Pittsburgh. If Dallas wins 38-34 it means they won by 4 points and didn’t cover the 7-point spread. If they win 48-40 then they covered the spread as they won by 8 points.

If you bet on Pittsburgh and they win the game by any score then you can cash in. Also if they lose by fewer than 7 points you’d be a winner.

Totals Betting

When betting the total in a NFL Super Bowl game it means the combined score of both teams are taken into consideration. For instance, the bookmakers may set the Dallas vs Pittsburgh point total at 44.5. This means bettors can wager on the final combined score being over or under 44.5 points. It doesn’t matter who wins the game as the point total is the only factor determining the outcome of the bet.

If the game ended 21-14 then you’d lose if you bet on the over but would be a winner if you backed the over.

When betting on the total in an NFL Super Bowl clash you may want to consider the recent defensive and offensive stats of the teams involved plus their injury lists and and the predicted weather conditions.

Prop Bets

These are typically lighthearted wagers which aren’t concerned on the final outcome of the game. For instance, you may bet on a specific player to record a touchdown, field goal, interception etc. You may also want to bet on a player to be named the Superbowl MVP or on who will win the opening coin toss or if it will be heads or tails. You’ll find dozens of random bets for the big game at most sportsbooks with other wagers being total rushing yards, touchdowns, receptions and even the length of the national anthem etc.

Parlay Bets

Parlays enable you to bundle multiple Super Bowl bets on one slip. For instance, you may wager on the over/under combined with several prop bets. However, all bets need to win before you can cash in.
You may also want to combine a Super Bowl bet with wagers on other sports for a parlay. For example, you may want to pick the winner of a couple of NHL games along with your Super Bowl wagers, but remember, they all need to win for you to celebrate.

Live In-Play Betting on Super Bowl

These days, most sportsbooks will offer live betting for the Super Bowl. This means you can make wagers during the game as to the outcome of the next play or the winner of the contest etc.

Super Bowl Betting Tips

You may want to wait until the game’s injury lists are released before making your bets and take the weather into consideration as well if the games is going to be played in an outdoor stadium. You should also research the team and player stats as much as possible to help give you an edge

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