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The FIFA World Cup is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. While not in as much demand in the United States, in some countries the World Cup is life or death. The World Cup is an international soccer competition between men’s national teams. In most countries, apart from US, soccer is known as “football”. The World Cup is played every four years, and has been awarding a winner since 1930. The only time there was no World Cup was in 1942 and 1946 due to World War 2. This year, the World Cup begins on June 11th and concludes July 11th. The Jules Rimet Trophy is awarded to the winner, named after former FIFA president Jules Rimet. The first televised World Cup was in 1954, and then in 2006 it was estimated that over 26 billion people watched the World Cup. 715 million were estimated to have watched the finals between Italy and France.

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