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Otherwise known as the “Fall Classic”, the World Series is one of America’s greatest pastimes. The World Series is the annual championship series featuring the best two teams in Major League Baseball. Since 1903, the National League has played against the American League in the cities of the two participating teams. The World Series has been played every year since 1903, except for 1904 due to a boycott, and then in 1994 because of a player strike.

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History of World Series Baseball

The New York Yankees have played in the most World Series’, 40 out of 105, and have won a record 27 titles. Their most recent came in 2009. Out of the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers have the most; with 18 appearances and 6 seasons. The St. Louis Cardinals are next, with 17 appearances and 10 titles. The Chicago Cubs have longest time without winning a World Series title. The last time the Cubs won a title was in 1908. In 1919, the World Series was known as “The Fix” with the Chicago White Sox was accused of betting on their own games, and throwing the series. Over a 45 year period from 1947 – 1964, the New York Yankees appeared in 15 World Series’. The Oakland Athletics won three straight titles from 1972 – 1974. 1971 was the first time the World Series was held at night, and 1987 was the last time a World Series game was played during the day.

In 1989, with the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants playing in the World Series; an earthquake hit postseason the series between two bay area teams. The American League has won 62 of 105 World Series titles. 19 teams have won multiple World Series titles, while another three have won at least one. Five teams: San Diego Padres, Houston Astros, Colorado Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers and Tampa Bay Rays have appeared in the World Series, but never won. Three teams: Texas Rangers, Washington Nationals and Seattle Mariners have never advanced to the World Series. The team that hosts the first two and final two World Series games are decided by which league wins the MLB All Star game in July.

How To Bet On World Series

Before the start of a Major League Baseball season, sports books offer future bets regarding “Who will win the World Series?” At the beginning of the season, odds are based off of the previous off-season action, along with players coming back, injuries, etc. If users elect to bet early, their odds will be locked in throughout the entire season. As the season moves on, future bets are still available, but the odds for teams will have went up or down based on results to that point. Also, along with not just winning the World Series, bets are also available for what teams will represent each league in the World Series. This is based on who bettors feel will win the National League and the American League. If users want to bet on how many games will be played during the World Series, that option is open as well.

During the actual World Series, each game is given odds on the winner of the game, along with run line betting. For each game of the World Series, prop bets are available. Prop bets for example are: “Will Albert Pujols hit a homerun?” “Who will pitch more innings, Chris Carpenter or Johan Santana?” Prop bets are wagers made on specific action within a game. Current odds for the 2010 season to win the World Series include:

New York Yankees 11 to 4

Boston Red Sox 8 to 1

Philadelphia Phillies 6 to 1

Los Angeles Angels 15 to 1

St. Louis Cardinals 11 to 1

Los Angeles Dodgers 20-1

Chicago Cubs 20-1

Tampa Bay Rays 15-1

World Series Bonuses

Most, if not all, major sports books will offer wagers on the World Series. There are no specific secrets about the place in which you make your bets regarding the World Series. The most important thing users keep in mind is the odds given by the sports book. Shop around and find the best odds, and determine possible payouts before electing to make the actual bet. A few sports books that have been noted as excellent locations for bets made on the World Series include: Party Bets, BetUS, 888 Sportsbook, Bodog and

Within Major League Baseball, the World Series is the biggest event. Sports books love the World Series and the postseason action leading up to it. Sports bettors love to get in on sports action, and part of the reason is the great bonuses that the books offer. Look for free bets, deposit bonuses or re-load bonuses at your favorite sports book when betting on the World Series.

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