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Sports betting wouldn’t be half of what it is today without the major sporting events that roll around every single year. Each and every sport has at least that one huge sporting event to bet on each and every year. Whether it is a championship game, an All-Star game, a premier soccer or golf tournament, some of these events are the most bet on games every year. We want to identify and talk briefly about a hand full of these major sporting events that you don’t want to miss out betting on.

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Super Bowl
 – The Superbowl is probably the single largest sporting event that people bet on every single year. It’s a one-day event that is basically the National Football League championship game. Sports bettors prepare for weeks for this game and typically wager exponential amounts compared to the normal bet amount. Prop bets come by the dozens during the Super bowl. If you can’t find a bet you like on Super Bowl Sunday then you just don’t like to bet on sports.

The Masters – 
The Masters is a PGA golf tournament that is typically held each April. The best golfers in the world get together to try and win the prestigious green jacket. Green jacket? Yep, the winner of this event gets presented with The Masters green jacket. This sporting event is a lot of fun to place a bet on because you can typically find a big underdog that can compete all the way until the end. We are talking 40/1, 80/1 and sometimes 100/1 on some of these good golfers to win the tournament. Bet a few dollars on some of these middle of the road guys and enjoy watching The Masters.

World Cup – 
The World Cup is the largest soccer (European Football) tournament in the world. It is also sometimes referred to as the “Football World Cup” in some parts of the world. The World Cup occurs every 4 years, with the three years prior being used as “qualifying”. The World Cup tournament itself is made up of 32 teams from across the globe. Some argue that this major sporting event is the most bet on sports event in the entire world. This prestigious event is played once every four years so the excitement and anticipation definitely builds up. Find a nice sportsbook for betting on the 2010 World Cup and bet on this sporting event now.

World Series – 
The World Series is a seven game series of baseball played between the two best Major League Baseball (MLB) teams each and every year. The World Series typically takes place in October every year and includes one team from the “National League” and one team from the “American League”. Bets on this sporting event flood in each and every year. Players can bet on each individual World Series game, the entire series, and more. Prop bets for the World Series include things such as World Series MVP, 1st Player to hit a homerun, and others. If you are a baseball fan you absolutely do not want to miss the next World Series event.

Tour De France
 – If you enjoy cycling then you would love the Tour De France. This major sporting event is a bicycle race that goes for over 2,200 miles through France. The Tour De France happens every year and typically occurs in July (or summer months). The race typically lasts three weeks and is a pure test of endurance for the bike riders.

Some would even argue that this is the most gruelling event that any athlete could ever compete in, including running a marathon. Betting on the Tour De France is pretty basic. You can make your bets before the race begins on who you think is going to win, but once the race starts there is not a lot of betting action that can be made.

Olympics Betting
 – The Olympics, both winter and summer, is a huge event to bet on. The Winter Olympics rolls around once every four years, with the current one happening in 2010 in Vancouver. The Summer Olympics also occurs every four years with the next being in 2012. The Olympic games include a variety of different sports. Some of the best athletes from all of the countries around the world go heads up against each other to fight for Gold, Silver and Bronze. Any Sportsbook around will offer lines on the Olympic events. Win a few bets on the Olympics and make your country proud.

So there you have it. These are just a few of the major sporting events from around the world in the different sports. Betting on large events like this is what makes sports betting great. Even if you aren’t a fan of that sport or the teams/players competing, placing a bet on that major event will give you some vested interest. Take a look at our detailed sports betting previews for a closer look at some of these great events.

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