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What makes a good online sportsbook? That is the million-dollar question that many newcomers to sports betting ask every day. Betting on sports is growing in popularity and most are opting to make their bets online. Online sportsbooks are appearing all the time with the hopes and dreams of being the next big thing. There are so many options for betting online that it is near impossible to pick which one is the best. We’d like to help you a little by outlining a few points of things that make a good sportsbook.

Safe and Secure Brand

The first thing to look for when choosing a good sportsbook is who are they owned by? Who is that sportsbook owned and operated by? Is that company a legit and safe company? Do some background research on that company and find out if they are legit or if they have been dealing with shady things in the past.  Also make sure the financial transactions are going to be secure. The last thing you need is someone getting a hold of your credit card information and doing damage with that. Study the deposit and withdrawal options that are available and make sure one of them fits for you. Read the fine print and make sure you won’t get hit with huge fees when you do decide to pull some money out of the sportsbook.

Great Bonus Offers

A good sportsbook should offer great bonus offers. While this is not always the case, it certainly helps if the sportsbook has some nice welcome bonus promotion going. Be careful if the bonus offer seems to good to be true – it most likely is. Remember, nearly all sportsbook bonus offers come with some terms and requirements before you can have that money. So be sure you read into that carefully.

Best Odds and Up to Date Lines

Line shopping is a big part of the sports betting industry these days. Why would you bet on a team at –3 at sportsbook A when you can get them at –2 at sportsbook B? Do some research and find the sportsbooks that tend to offer some of the best odds for the sports you enjoy betting on. For the most part, the sportsbooks across the board will have similar lines, but you can find certain books that give slightly better odds on certain sports if you look hard.

The other school of thought on this point is to just get accounts at all of the good sportsbooks. If you create accounts and fund your accounts at all of the good sportsbooks, when you see a better line you automatically can place your wager with that book. Not a bad philosophy if you have the bankroll for it.

Also be sure to take note how often the sportsbook updates their lines. A good sportsbook will have their lines updated instantly as they change. There is nothing worse than attempting to place a bet and having it error out on you saying that “this line has changed”.

Low Juice on Bets

First of all, what is Juice? Juice (or vig) is the amount of money that is kept by the sportsbook. All sportsbooks keep a percentage of all winnings. For the most part they will keep $1 for every $11 you win. So if you risk $11 on a wager and it wins, you will get $10 and the book will keep $1. Every once in a while you can find a sportsbook with “vig-free” betting especially around special big events. Be sure to take advantage of these great sportsbook offers because you completely optimize your winnings.

Mobile Betting Available

This isn’t the biggest concern when searching for a good sportsbook but it certainly is a “nice to have”. In this day and age everyone is on the go. Mobile phones and smart phones are everywhere. A sportsbook that gives you the ability to place your bets via phone is a good sportsbook. Not every sportsbook has this capability so do a little research to find out which ones do if that is important to you.

Promotions and Contests

Promotions and contests make betting at certain sportsbooks a lot of fun. A good sportsbook will offer promotions around big events. Such as March Madness brackets, Super Bowl contests, and more. Many sportsbooks offer free bets or free money just for betting on certain games or events. Always take advantage of these contests as it’s a chance at free money. Refer a friend is a nice promotion offered by many of the top sportsbooks. If you have friends that are into sports betting you can build your bankroll simply by bringing them to the site as a new customer. While these promotions don’t necessarily mean a sportsbook is good, they certainly help add to the appeal of that particular book.

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